6 Month Cane Corso height and weight question

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by g04lucas, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Mayas momma

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    I am curious if you ever got an answer. I have a 5 month old cane corso (Maya) she is 72lbs already, pretty large for 5 months. I'm estimating by her 6 month mark she will be around 80lbs. Which they say to double it and adjust it,by 12 month mark she would be about 135 to 140lbs. She also is a big girl. She has a few issues when i got her at 13 weeks she had a UTI, which they had her on Simplicef for 2 weeks. Now i have her on D mannose and she is UTI free. She has a hood vulva and the vet said when they do her spay after her 1st heat if it doesn't pop down they will do the surgery to correct her lady bits. To top it off 2 weeks ago in her left eye, her third eyelid inverted giving her cherry eye, yet another surgery needed to tack it down. So 2 drops of antibiotic every 8 hours and 1 steroid drop every 12. Have you experienced any of these thing with your dog. I'm so concerned. This poor pup. Although she doesn't seem to be bothered by any of it, she is still happy and playful. I also have her on pre and probiotic gut health just to boost her immune system.
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    Mayas momma, welcome to the forum. My girl has a very recessed vulva too. I didn't have her spayed until she was four and it's still hooded. If I had it to do over again I would have had the episioplasty done when I had her spayed. D-mannose is something I've used and use for myself. I would also suggest keeping unscented wipes on hand and cleaning her every time she eliminates. No pads when she's in heat. I've never had any issues with eyes, but we have forum members that have.
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    She did wonderful with surgery, her 2 cherry eyes corrected, epsioplaty done, spay done. Its nearing the end, she goes tuesday to have her stitches removed, and hopefully can be free of the ecollar, so life can get back to normal for her. I am still giving her the d mannose (nervous momma) it can only help anyway. She is going outside to potty no puppy pads she stopped with using them about 3 weeks ago.I am glad i got it all done for her at once. It was rough the first 5 days and then i got better. But going foward she should have no more issues .
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    I'm so glad to hear things are going so well. Good that you were able to get it all done at one time. Please keep us updated. Give her her own post with pictures. I love pictures. Lol
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    Looking so much better, her and myself.

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    You have very sweet little girl , i am very sad that she had to go through all of this at her young age :( hope she recovers completely very soon,keep updated and sending her big kiss.
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    This makes me feel so much better about my girls weight. She weighed 8.8 lbs when we got her at 7 weeks.
    19.7 lbs at 11 weeks
    30.4 lbs at 14 weeks
    46.7 lbs at 18 weeks and she just weighed in at 74.5 lbs at 24 weeks. I was starting to worry that she may be growing to fast for a large breed.
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    I know this is an old post but I am curious to how big your girl is now... I bet she is a big one !!! My girl was 48 lbs at 4 months... she is a beauty..

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