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5 month old female dogo with skin rash


New Member
Good afternoon,

I am new to the forum. I have a 55 pound pure bed female dogo argentino. I feed her Orijen large breed puppy with wild calling wet food. She has a rash on her back and I have tried pretty much everything to help. She does not scratch it but it is very unsightly due to the coat. Anyone experience this and have any ideas? I think it may be from the grass but I don't know what I can do to cure that. Shes a dog I cant keep her out of the grass lol

Thanks in advance!


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Staff member
Could be/probably is allergies. Switch to a grain free food. Also switch to an adult food, these "pups" don't need puppy food.
How old is she?


Well-Known Member
i'd give her a Benadryl , see if it looks better tomorrow, unless that's something you tried ...... how long has she had it ? what have you tried ? has she lost hair ? is it bumpy or just red ? i'd try to clear it up and see if it comes back , if the Benadryl didn't do it , i'd have the vet help me clear it up .... if it comes back then you know it 's probably an allergy , or something the pup is exposed to regularly aggravating it , you fertilize your grass ? I've had dogs have a reaction to something , but I've never had a dog with an allergy ......

Bailey's Mom

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Super Moderator
My daughter had all sorts of skin issues with her half dogo. Benedryl helped but it was a stop gap measure. The food was changed until they found one that clicked, it was a sensitive skin and coat from Iams, but it has recently been discontinued. My daughter has chosen a similar one to try after she runs out. Her dog Huddy seemed to grow out of some of the symptoms and any reactions now are rare and usually "my fault" because I give him too many treats. Poor Dogos, any skin problems really stick out in that white fur.

By the way, Welcome, glad to have you aboard.:D


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Try the benadryl, get on a grain free adult food and give local honey and kefir(made with milk)daily. I also have always put a capful of apple cider vinegar (organic) with the Mother made by Bragg, in their water everytimw i fill it up. Also spray all my dogs down daily with a 50/50, acv/water mix. Along with wiping them down with a rag with mix on it after they come inside.
Dogos can have some bad skin issues. Seems the more popular they become the more issues they are having. I met my first in 1992 and got my first 2 in 1993.


New Member
Please don't do a grain free diet! This is only for dogs who have an allergy to grain which is rare. grain free diets are linked to dilative cardiomyopathy later in life which is a type of heart failure. It doesn't mean all dogs on a grain free diet will get it, it means that dogs who get DCM have that in common! It just is not worth it unless you know your dog specifically is allergic to grains!!