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  1. B

    How Much Impact Is Too Much For Puppy?!

    Hi all! I wonder if anyone has any advice... My partner and I have a 4 1/2 month old pup (who I am SO in love with) and in all my research of how to care for him properly, I've only just come upon the issue of giant breeds and high impact / activity levels in early stages of development! So as...
  2. laurenlentini

    Describe "normal" biting

    First time owner of now 13 week old female. I am extremely worried I may have a problem. The usual routine is crate rest, snack or meal, potty, supervised indoor play, potty, crate rest. I brought her home at 8 weeks and began applying all the "training" tips I could find on the internet; not to...
  3. C

    Need some help with a crazy puppy...

    Hello! I’m a new corso mom. I’ve wanted one my whole life and after having multiple jobs, being a vet tech, I decided I did enough research to get a puppy. My boyfriend and I got a beautiful boy named Johnny Cash. We got him about a month ago he’s 4 months now. He is as sweet as pie, we can take...
  4. K

    Experienced cc owners help!!!

    My corso puppy is about 10 weeks old now. I brought him to a well praised trainer a couple days ago with some issues I had. We were working on training like sit, come, shake, and lay down. And he was doing good. But 2 times when letting him on the couch ( picking him up to let him cuddle with...
  5. K

    9 week old cane corso aggression. Help

    Got my cane corso puppy at 8 weeks old. He is almost 10 weeks old now. He recently tried to chew on a cord and my girl friend went to move the cord and then move him and he growled and seems to want to bite and then later we were allowing him to get on the couch when we were ready to allow him...
  6. J

    What’s your best advice for someone with a new CC puppy?

    Hi all, I am just curious as to what advice you would give to someone bringing home their first CC puppy? Or anything you wish someone would have told you back when you got your fur baby! My 15 week old boy has been with us seven days today & I’m utterly besotted with him, he’s not the...
  7. J

    15 week old Cane Corso puppy Clicking noise?

    Hi All, We have recently got our Cane Corso Puppy. Due to importing him to the UK we have had to wait for him to be 15 weeks old before he could come home. He's been with us for a week now and I have noticed that sometimes when getting up from a resting position he clicks slightly, kind of...
  8. Melocity

    5 month puppy entropion treatment help?

    Hi all, I have a 22 week old CC and his eyes were inflamed and looked like conjunctivitis. They got better but I still checked with the vet to give me some drops to heal faster. However, they told me my puppy has entropion on both eyes but suggested correction on one eye only via...
  9. E

    2 month old cane corso puppy biting

    hello I have a nearly 2 month old cane corso (male). I am trying to teach him not to bite but u cannot say I have been very successful. The problem is that I have children that come to my house to play with my children and my puppy likes to bite them. How can I stop him? Shouting ouch when...
  10. N


    Hey everybody, Hoping somebody on here can help me out. Getting my 8 week old cane corso in 3 weeks Once i get him i planned on getting him on a raw + Kibble diet. Any suggestions on kibbles and what kind of raw meat to feed? Any help is greatly appreciated
  11. D

    Getting a boerboel doggy soon...

    Getting a new boerboel doggo named Dallas soon... Anyone know what I need to get? Help is greatly appreciated! thanks!
  12. Rhaegarthepresaxcanecorso


    Hi all! RHAEGAR is doing great! Hes really come around and is healthy as can be. He is such a joy and the perfect dog for us. WE LOVE HIM lol RHAEGAR is 18 weeks now and weighs in at 45 lbs (let me know what you think of his weight size and build). He is currently on the raw diet and doing...
  13. Rhaegarthepresaxcanecorso

    Just brought Rhaegar home! Need your help doggo family!

    Ok guys hes here fully moved in! Hes doing great but is having separation anxiety and is really really sketchy! So please give us some tips on helping him get settled in and comfy! Leave some stories, tips, experience, anything lol Keep in mind he just turned 4 month's old. Please help us...
  14. Sebb

    New addition to our family!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I thought now would be a good time for it since in a few weeks, me and my girlfriend are welcoming our newest family member! I'm not sure if there are too many dogo owners here but would love to see pictures of other dogo's, puppies and adults as...
  15. C


    We just found out today that we have been accepted by Potrero Cane Corso to have a future fur baby out of their line! We are so so excited and wanted to share the news with our Corso family on here! We are not ready to bring him home yet so we still have a lot of waiting to do however it was...
  16. Aphotiic

    Newbie here!.

    My name is Alyii and I own a goofy Cane Corso puppy that sometimes drives me crazy , but I love her!. Her name is Roxy aka Roxinator. She will also be a year in March!. I can't wait to share her growth with you all !
  17. CujoTheCorso

    New member, Would like to introduce my big little puppy Cujo!!

    Hello everyone!! I would like you all to meet my puppy Cujo. He is going to be 6 months old on Feb. 4. Cujo is a purebred Cane Corso and is a very large and loving puppy!! His current weight as of this morning is 104.8 lbs and he is 26.5 inches in height at the withers. I kid you not this...
  18. V

    9 month English Mastiff/Bull Mastiff HELP!

    I have a 9 month old puppy who weighs 125lbs. While I love him so much and I want to enjoy him I am finding it difficult because he does not listen and is constantly jumping on me or trying to play bite my arm. While he has never be "aggressive" towards me I can not help but to be intimidated...
  19. stekijessica

    Umbilical Hernia and Breeding

    Hi there, I'm new here - to everything! This forum, dogs, and mastiffs! We got our little boy because my husband has been dying for a mastiff for years, and the more I read, the more I agreed! Cooper is five months old, and he's a loveable riot - we adore him! Initially, because of the short...
  20. N

    Please Help, I'm worried!

    Hi everyone! I have a female Cane Corso that was born on November 22 2014 and my wife bought her for me as a Valentines gift on February 10th of this year. Two weeks into owning and loving her, we got her ears cropped. Obviously she was in a cone because of it and little did we know that she...