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  1. glen

    dog de bordeaux cane corso mix limp

    Welcome to the forum, Yes they can limp at times when they grow. Can you think of an activity shes been doing thats also made her limp, try not to over do the exercise at this young age, no jumping off sofas ect. At her age they sure do grow quick. We would love to see pics of her.
  2. glen

    English Mastiff Questions

    Please let us know what you descide, theres sone amazing members eith great knowledge, Iv not had an em, but got ccs, mine go everywhere with me. My motto is with these beautiful big mastiffs is. What you dont want a 50kg plus dog not to do is to train the pup from an early start not to do...
  3. glen

    New CC Puppy on the way!

    What a stunner, im on my 4th cc, please post pics when youve got him home.
  4. glen

    English Mastiff Questions

    Let me explain wbout my dogs, 4 ccs, all males, all trained to a level of me being in control on and off my property, on and off lead, not one of them overweight, all of them can walk and run miles, high prey drive, loyal, hidg respect for me, i respect them.very protective, you dont train them...
  5. glen

    Marking in house

    I csnt beleive im reading this, i need to you to refrain from posting such barbaric input, no owner should have to hit a dog to get them to listen, such owners should be banned from owning any animal. Now iv been on this forum for 10 years, iv tried to be polite, but you really are either...
  6. glen

    English Mastiff Questions

    Refrain from being rude and offensive to members on this forum, i dont care ehar qualifications you have, boxergirl has helped many people with problems, with her knowledge and kindness. Or maybe go back to school for a few years and learn manners and also how to have a difference of opinion...
  7. glen

    Mert mac. Our new boy

    Thankyou, yes hes bringing smiles, hes 6 months old now, non stop training, i will do some pics later.
  8. glen

    English Mastiff Questions

    Iv never owned an english mastiff, iv got cane corsos, and i live in the uk. We take ours camping, mine come everywhere with us, A well trained,healthy, socialised mastiff wii certainly fit in. Do your homework, get a good one, someone that breeds for the good of the breed, health tests ect...
  9. glen

    English Mastiff Questions

    So sorry for your loss,
  10. glen

    Horrible breed discrimination advice??

    Think of it in the way thet you are protecting your girl, you dont want her with uneducated owners dogs, they will never understand its there dogs thats not been trained tyats at fault. I live in the uk, where i live you dont see many latge breed dogs, especially mastiffs, lots of ankle...
  11. glen

    Horrible breed discrimination advice??

    The saying is a corso wont start a fight but they sure can finish one, i find a lot of dog owners are in fear of my corsos, but thats mostly the ones that havent put any training into the dogs,
  12. glen

    Neuter question for my 5m pit/doguedebardoux mix puppy

    Youve got a stunning boy, vets will always say to get them fixed, i dont get my boys done at all unless its for medical reasons, but no vet on this earth would be telling me what to do with my dog re neutering unless it was for medical issues, If i was going to get my boys done, they are ccs it...
  13. glen

    Horrible breed discrimination advice??

    Im so sorry you and your girl are having to endure this awful treatment, but im afraid these people are in the majority. They see these dogs as the instigater of trouble and aggression, yesbyou get some that are, but that isnt for the majority, iv owned 4 now, iv had my eldest that was dog...
  14. glen

    Hello! Need some opinions!

    How old is he, could be x bullmastiff, hes stunning.
  15. glen

    Bulid muscles

    Welcome to the forum, how long have you had him, is he 15 months, they need to grow slow to help the joints, they bulk out as they mature.
  16. glen

    Is my cane corso being to protective?

    Your welcome, training is a big part to this breed, routine is another, they will protect the family, i will always have a cc by my side. Let me know how it goes.
  17. glen

    Is my cane corso being to protective?

    This could be a fear stage, her gaurding is setting in, or like you said shes had a few changes at the moment. Firstly iv had 4 ccs so this is just how id deal with it and my experience of the breed. You dont train a cc how to gaurd, you train them what you expect of them, if she is over...
  18. glen

    Experience with multiple males in household?

    If your going to try, id get the females spayed before the pup get older, 2 males being driven nuts by your females in season wont help. Put plenty of structure in, training is a must, but if you get 2 in a fight all of them may join in, its a true saying with a corso, they dont have to start a...
  19. glen

    Experience with multiple males in household?

    Its ok until it goes bad, then you will either have to rehome 1 or crate and rotate which isnt good for the dogs or you, iv had a 3 male cc house, its hard work, making sure all agree, all know whats expected, all highly trained, they need plenty of stimulstion, snd a lot of respect for you snd...
  20. glen

    Question about female CC puppy's weight at 9 weeks?

    Shes beautiful, shes also looking good, shes not overweight which is always best. Weve got an 11 week old pup, very similar marking on his chest.