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  1. Boxergirl

    Cane corso weight

    I find body condition to be a better way to judge than the number on the scale. See where your boy falls on the chart and go from there. One is for large breeds and one is for giant breeds.
  2. Boxergirl

    Recurrent UTI in female mastiff

    I just steeped tea and added it to her food. I do feel the d-mannose was more effective for us, but the nettle did provided me personally with some relief. Definitely check out the d-mannose. I swear by it and keep it on hand for myself now that my girl is gone.
  3. Boxergirl

    Recurrent UTI in female mastiff

    Welcome! You answered every question I was going to ask. My girl also had a hooded vulva that didn't correct after several heat cycles. We didn't end up doing an episioplasty and as she got older her UTIs did decrease. I made sure to clean her vulva after every potty break with an unscented...
  4. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    Are you set on a puppy? A breed specific rescue that utilizes foster homes may be a good option for you. I know when I fostered I made sure anyone interested in one of my dogs knew exactly what they'd be getting, both the good and the bad. The last thing I wanted was an unsuccessful placement...
  5. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    😂 That was a temper tantrum to rival my three year old grandson. Thanks for the laugh. I truly needed it today.
  6. Boxergirl

    Recall of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets El Elemental Dry Dog Food in the U.S
  7. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    Bolushi, your "facts" are based on anecdotal information found on the internet rather than actual life experiences. You are correct that much (perhaps it can be argued all) aggression is due to fear but that doesn't make it any less dangerous. I'd say it makes it more dangerous. While you aren't...
  8. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    To clarify - what I meant was that is seems not uncommon for many Newfies and Saints to present with behavioral issues, including fear/fear aggression/dog aggression/etc. Bolushi, the majority of the people on this forum don't care about how a dog will fight. They want a family companion. That...
  9. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    Seriously though, Fineand_Dandy, even do some serious research into Saints and Newfies. My daughter is a veterinary technician and works heavily with behavior clients and she sees many of those two breeds that have behavioral issues. It's really imperative to make sure you have a really good...
  10. Boxergirl

    Floatation Device

    I've looked as well. I would perhaps suggest contacting some companies like Kurgo and Ruffwear to see what they recommend. If you do find something I hope you post back. Good luck!
  11. Boxergirl

    Cherry eye tack or remove?

    I'm a little late to the game here. What did you decide to do? I hope surgery went well and your pretty girl is healing up nicely.
  12. Boxergirl


    I've never had a DDB, but from my experience with other mastiff breeds I would expect head growth and filling out from about years 2-3 with little to no growth in height. Remember, weight does not mean muscle. Disregard the number on the scale and go by body condition. There are charts that can...
  13. Boxergirl

    Mastiffs for beginners?

    Fineand_Dandy, I suggest that you spend some time browsing the forum for posts from a member named Marke. He hasn't been around in quite some time, but he had some of the most athletic DDBs and Bullmastiffs I've ever seen and was extremely knowledgeable. I would also suggest contacting some...
  14. Boxergirl

    Exactly one year of growth...Feb 22, 2022 to Feb 22, 2023

    What a beautiful girl. Nice and sleekly muscular.
  15. Boxergirl

    Bobi the 30 y.o. portuguese mastiff (cross)

    What a great story, thank you for sharing!
  16. Boxergirl

    Introducing Panda

    He's getting so big! I love his crazy fur! Ella used to get all curly like that after a bath. Jiggers looks like he doesn't appreciate puppy shenanigans.
  17. Boxergirl

    Looking for a REPUTABLE breeder in or near TX

    JujuB, if you do find what you're looking for in a breeder I hope you post back. Wishing you the best of luck with your search.
  18. Boxergirl

    Looking for a REPUTABLE breeder in or near TX

    This is not the place for a lesson on the history of the Boxer or on the ethics of responsible breeding. It's rude to hijack another person's thread. If you'd care to have a discussion about the ethics of responsible breeding or the history of the Boxer I would do my best to participate.
  19. Boxergirl

    Looking for a REPUTABLE breeder in or near TX

    What is your personal experience with the breeds you're discussing. How many have you personally owned (not a family dog - you alone)? I ask because the above post is just full of misinformation. This bit particularly - "Boxers are almost exempt from all ''breed-specific'' health issues" is a...
  20. Boxergirl

    Looking for a REPUTABLE breeder in or near TX

    There are many considerations beyond size and sex. One of the most important aspects of choosing a dog is finding the best breeder you can. It appears the OP is doing this and doesn't need additional information, but for those that may be reading here are some additional thoughts. Hopefully...