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  1. Michele

    Hello! New here!

  2. Michele

    Recurrent UTI in female mastiff

    My dog had UTI's a lot. Sometimes there is too much protein in the food. My vet had me switch to Royal Canine and I never had an issue after that.
  3. Michele

    New EM owner

  4. Michele

    Hello from Bodger and I

  5. Michele

    My neighbor is convinced that our Mastiff is vicious.

    Since you and your neighbor "had" a good relationship before, I would ask her if she would like to meet Ellie and get to know the dog. If she does not want to, just be sure to supervise the dog when the dog is outside. Since she carries mace, you need to make sure the neighbor doesn't mace the...
  6. Michele

    Budcuss, our loyal boy has gone

    I"m so sorry
  7. Michele


    Put the dog in a "sit and stay" position. Be persistent and patient. Give the dog a high value treat when she obeys.
  8. Michele


  9. Michele

    9 yo Bullmastiff lack of appetite and intestinal upset

    It sounds like it could be colitis. BUT, I would go with whatever your vet says to rule out intestinal cancer.
  10. Michele

    Marking in house

    Another issue with regard to the marking.......can you take the dog to the vet to be sure there are not any medical issues (UTI)?
  11. Michele

    Marking in house

    Are you joking right now? Sure, whacking them on the head with a 2x4 is a sure way to give the dog major fear issues. Stop posting nonsense!
  12. Michele

    Trying to determine if I should adopt/save aggressive cane corso.

    If the dog is genetically unsound, you cannot fix that. If the aggression is a "behavior", you can try to fix that.
  13. Michele

    Hello new here

  14. Michele

    More sadness

    I'm so sorry
  15. Michele


  16. Michele

  17. Michele

    Small child afraid of mastiff

    If the kiddo is scared, she's scared. Put the dog on a leash and take it for a walk with the kiddo. When the dog is calm, see if the kiddo will give the dog a treat.
  18. Michele


    Happy Father's day to all the dads
  19. Michele

    Small child afraid of mastiff

    A little kid can get intimidated by three big dogs in the same space. She's used to one dog in her space, not three, and three dogs that are BIG. I would have her interact with only one dog at a time until she feels comfortable.
  20. Michele

    Nervous peeing

    My boy used to do this as a puppy but only when he got really excited. He grew out of it