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  1. J

    Bobi the 30 y.o. portuguese mastiff (cross)

    Hi It recently hit the news that there is a dog in central Portugal called Bobi that is closing to 31 years old and is officially the (confirmed) oldest dog that ever lived. They say it is a Portuguese Mastiff (aka "rafeiro do alentejo") but it doesn´t look like a purebred (most llikely a...
  2. J

    Fódhla - DDB from Ireland

    Looking fit !
  3. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    That is actually Fava´s bed, but she rarely uses it (the couch is much better). Took them for a walk. Paloma is doing better with the lead. Living in a farm I hardly ever use a lead, but they still need to practice (mostly Paloma).
  4. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    2 pics with 2,5 months diff (when she arrived and today).
  5. J

    Fódhla - DDB from Ireland

    Gorgeous pup !
  6. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    Thank you all for the nice comments. @Big Gus, I actually never took care of her nails. We live in a farm and she is constantly out and about and weares them out by herself. Here are three more (sequencial) pics I took yesterday: 1st she moved to Lomu´s bed (it was too hot for the couch), then...
  7. J

    When should I stop feeding my English Mastiff puppy food?

    My bullmastiff is exactly the same. I feed Royal Canin Anallergenic and it works very well. It has been THE solution for its problems
  8. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    Paloma turned 4 months in the 5th May. Here are some pics.
  9. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    When Paloma arrived she was just slightly bigger than Fava Now, you can really tell the difference In a few weeks she´ll be the size of Carmela
  10. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    Tks Boxergirl You are correct. That is Lomu. He is 6,5 yo now, so a full grown "middle age" dog. Here is another pic I tokk yesterday evening at a friend´s house "Blending in"
  11. J


    On a personal view, I do not advocate cropping (please note that I do not want to initiate a discussion on that) and as regards boerboels they never have their ears cropped.
  12. J

    My Pup Creed 5 months

    WoW ! good looking pup
  13. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    Hi Paloma is 3 months today ! Entering that phase when she tries to test the waters within the pack (and with us). She has ben scolded by the older dogs (as expected) but she is stubborn... Only backs down when they "raise their voice". Seems she is going to be handful in the next couple of...
  14. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    Quick update after gpong to the vet to take the final shots: all is normal and weights 14,650 kgs (32,29 lbs). She is just 5 days shy of 3 months, so probably will gain another kg (or 2+lbs) in these 5 days. So, normal growth and within the parameters
  15. J


    Thanks Willow
  16. J

    Paloma, arlequin GD

    I believe Paloma should have her own thread instead of being only in the introduction section, so here it is. Born in Spain 5 jan 2022, I picked her up on the 4th March Here she is when we were driving home And a pic at home in her puppy bed ( I will use this bed to update pics on a monthly...
  17. J

    Need advice please.

    I also give them 1 egg per week on top of the dry food. They gurge the food at lightning speed...
  18. J

    Need advice please.

    Hi Sometimes they just don´t want to eat the dry food, especially if they also get other types of food. So, maybe you can use the wet food as a topping and mix it up with the dry food, so it becomes "scented" (don´t know if this is the proper word). With luck, he will take it all Another thing...
  19. J

    Neo skin issues

    I believe you should have your Neo tested for food allergies. In the past I had a similar problem with my bullmastiff. bad coat, smell, bumps on skin, etc. We had him extensively tested and found out he is allergic to ...well... almost everything being very allergic to chicken, lamb, tuna and...
  20. J

    Rhaegar - Mast Cell Cancer

    Sad news indeed. But stay strong and fight the damm thing !