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  • hey! how long has it taken your puppy to "hold it" is getting really cold where I am from and I am sick of running out side with him 2x an hour!!!!
    i thought so that is why i was not sure what the diff is between those 2. know calcium is much more important fat and protein. so can you tell me what is adv of adult gold black bag over large breed green bag? i have both in my area and wanted to know which one ot go with. so d oyou suggest giving him right away at 8 weeks and skiping puppy food all together? thank you for the help
    Fat and protein are irrelevant. I already have the calcium levels as I'm writing a dog food guide which I hope to finish in the near future. The adult gold is the best choice with Fromm.
    If you're going to do Fromm you want the regular Adult Gold no large breed and no puppy formulas. It's a really good food just watch for any signs of allergies or intolerances because it's not grain free and has chickens and many mastiffs have issues with grains and chicken.
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