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Our pack includes Diesel, Kahlua, Brr Beary and Pixie.

Diesel is a DDB Mix. His full lineage was just verified with DNA testing. Yay! He is 1/2 DDB, 37.5% Staffordshire Terrier and 12.5% Boxer.

He has the classic DDB stubbornness and an uncharacteristic extreme amount of energy and lack of an off switch (we are guessing the energy comes from his boxer side). He is a sweet loving and highly protective boy.

Kahlua is another mastiff mix. She is 1/2 boxer, 1/4 cane corse, 1/8 american bull dog and 1/8 olde bull dogge. She is a the biggest loving snuggle bug and while she definitely has a stubborn streak her desire to make us happy seems to help outweigh the stubbornness. She is a natural athlete and we are convinced part kangaroo and part billy goat. She is our newest family member and is adored by the entire family.

BrrBeary is our indoor cat. He was a rescue kitty and a sweet loving boy though a little slow and ridiculously clumsy for a cat. He is not allowed outside because he is not smart enough or dexterous enough to not get himself hurt.

Pixie was an outdoor/indoor cat but decided she does not want to share the house with a dog and refuses to come inside. Luckily we live in California where the temperatures are moderate but when we feel like the weather is too much we corner her and force her indoors. This sometimes results in injuries to Sean and I.

We have another stray we feed who we call VooDoo. She was abandoned by a neighbor who moved and has been co-adopted by three of the remaining neighbors, including ourself. She is extremely friendly and loving and would have moved right on in if she was not terrified of the dogs. Like Pixie she refuses to step foot in the house. I suppose she has options since two of the other neighbors don't have dogs so it all works out.

We recently lost our senior citizen standard poodle, Cerberus. Cerberus was an amazing dog who I raised since puppyhood and he was the sweetest and most gentle soul you can imagine. Even the cats that are afraid of dogs loved him. He was pretty special. You can read more about him in the memorial section.


And Her Pups
Diesel - (Nov 21 2014 - DDB/Pit-Mix Puppy male)
Kahlua - (May 20 2016 - Boxer/Cane Corso/Olde Bull Dogue/American Bulldog female)
Cerberus - (Nov 2000 - June 2016 Standard Poodle male)