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  • Haha well if he's still acting like he's starving between meals you can give him green beans and/or cooked sweet potatoes. They are both low cal and filling. I hate how it can be difficult to actually find a place that carries a wide selection of good foods. We have a place down the street that carries every junk dog and cat food imagineable and only a couple good foods, none of which work for our dogs. We actually go about twenty minutes away to another store to get Earthborn. There's also lots of websites if you look around that have good deals sometimes with free shipping or if you sign up for auto shipment it's cheaper. If I see any good ones I'll let you know!
    Hi! Initially I would transition onto one formula and stick with that for a couple months, especially where your pup has had issues with itching. After a couple months if everything seems okay then you can change things up and buy a different bag every time for some variety. Hope it all works out :)
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