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jenny adams
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  • Hi Jenny,
    For raw stuff I would ask either Ruthcatrin or Denna's Mom. I'm not a raw feeder unfortunately :)
    exactly the same with zeus, the little buggers eh, always moves when you think youre getting a good shot, could you let me know the price of the puppies? please......:)
    I have added a new photo of zeus in the woods to my album, maybe take a look? would love to see some more pikkys of your little girl too! :)
    I will show him this thread later and my puppy Chaos and I thank you and look forward to him growing up and using this as our guide.
    Yes will take that into mind, might be a really good opportunity :) on the look out on here an and a different forum for a girl near zeus's age to become friends with then when hes about 2 have 1 litter of pups then get him done, dont want him for breeding, really will give the show's a good thinking about though :)
    Awww! shes a right little beauty, not sure about showing him but deffo want him to meet other ddb's and play :).......Also looking for a girl for him to grow up with and they breed, only want to breed him once, not into making money, just once :)
    Awww thankyou! Your little baby is sooo adorable too! We got Zeus from a breeder in Bradford, getting another one soon :)
    hi gypsy weight chart i thourt i would start one for my little ddb so her is her first weigh in
    10 weeks 7.2 kg or for us old school 15lb 14oz
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