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  • I read what you wrote about putting to sleep your 12mth for aggression. I would like to talk to you about my CC, she is a yr as well, good with other dogs and has never shown aggression towards me, but has snapped at a few other people. I know it's fear, she was 14wks when I got her and I've socialized her ever since, I'll think she's doing better then it's 2 steps back. Will she get past this if I just continue to train and socialize her, or will I never be able to allow anyone to pet her or trust her? Any advice thanks
    My wife and I met through our dogs, we presently have rott's and they are absolutey the best thing that has happened for us, well maaaaaaybe besides our children...... and almost as good as us meeting. Our our female is getting older and my wife has fallen in love with the cane corso. I guess we are sort of stalking a lady "lisa" that bred canes and recently relocated from the lower mainland to Merrit. Iif anyone gets wind of this lady possibly breeding, please let us know...
    can you visit this forum??
    what do you think??
    I like to be your branch in iran
    if you love to do this too plese send me a message
    then we will have Cooperation together
    I opened this forum because no one knows mastiffs in iran
    so we can teach many things about mastiffs to them
    I just love to have your english researches and translate them to persian
    because I love mastiffs very much
    thank you very much my friend
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