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  • No worries! I'm In no rush. Dawn Penning in Dallas Texas on facebook. Hope all is well.
    I would love an invite! I'll checkout the UK board too. I went to a show in the US when I was looking for Daisy (EM) and fell in love with her breeder and her mom. The Saints at that show were not the best. I will admit I haven't done the best at socializing Daisy and she is way too protective of ME. My husband not so much. I'm hoping I can find a shot hair big dog that isn't quite as protective. I adored my newfoundlands but I just can't do the long hair any more. And it is too hot in Texas for them. Thanks so much for your help!
    Do you know of any St. Bernard forums that are as active as the Mastiff forum? I love my Daisy (EM) but would like to research a St. as my next family addition.

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