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  1. BattleDax

    New here.

    And a late welcome to you!
  2. BattleDax

    Dog vs dog aggression

    It sounds to me like a not uncommon scenario of a dog reaching full maturity and naturally not tolerating other dogs. Notice I said naturally. It probably doesn't have to do with anything you did or did not do. Several breeds are known to just not get along with dogs once they are mature –...
  3. BattleDax

    After 4 years of research and study this breeder (me) is about to have his first litter.

    Congratulations. Mufasa is a good looking dude. I used to follow Americana and I have had a few texts with Silas; but that didn't go anywhere for a couple reasons. I researched the breed for a handful of years, but still feel like I know mostly a surface level of information on it. Would you...
  4. BattleDax

    11 month old bullmastiff trying to attack every dog in sight!!!

    Hi. My 6 month old isn't a Bullmastiff but I have had concerns about him and other dogs. This is because due to this breed makeup he may not get along with other dogs once he is mature, and he is likely to be highly territorial. He started out very timid about other dogs – crossing paths with...
  5. BattleDax

    What was the modern day cane corso bred with?

    I tried for a while to learn about the makeup of the Corso, but it's too unclear to me. So, I have decided to simply find a breeder who produces dogs I like the look of, and hopefully does health testing, and the breeder will communicate with me, and doesn't engage in the silly overpricing you...
  6. BattleDax

    My cane corso puppy growth and breed problem

    Forgive me, but I had a hard time following how old you say the pup is. How old is it in the pics? I'm no expert on the Corso, but I have been researching it for a handful of years now. I won't at this point give my opinion on whether it is a Corso or not because I don't feel qualified or...
  7. BattleDax


  8. BattleDax

    Forum needs updating.

    Yeah. As evidenced by the fact that I'm reading this over 1 month later, you are correct. I'm not trying to be critical or ungrateful, but it has puzzled me why a forum that covers so many breeds has so little activity. Far and away, the Corso area of this forum is the busiest, but still...
  9. BattleDax

    6 month old female cane corso puppies back legs turn inward

    The look of the hind legs does not concern me. There is perhaps a bit of being "cowhocked" but that is not a health issue, and in fact is not a big deal at all. My previous dog, along with his dam were cowhocked and they were very physically capable and never had any problems from it. The breed...
  10. BattleDax

    Bull Mastiff Breeders

    I would be quite interested in that too!
  11. BattleDax

    Hello Mastiff Forum - meet Jack

    Hello to Jack! I'm curious what breed he is. Wonderful no matter what breed, but I'm just curious.
  12. BattleDax

    Hard to decide on which cane corso puppy

    I see one appears to have smaller ears. I would choose that one. That one also seems to be a bit longer in leg, but it might just be the way they are sitting.
  13. BattleDax


    Personally, I have no problem with cropping a Boerboel, though I do fully understand that it is not a breed that has been cropped historically or that is commonly cropped. I did see one person on Insta that had cropped his Boerboel. If I could get a Boerboel that was cropped, it would bump it...
  14. BattleDax

    Timid Mastiff:

    Hi! Just my thoughts: Your dog might just have a natural shyness of noises. This doesn't completely correlate to whether or not they would protect you, except if the bad guy made a loud noise, or one occurred during the time your dog would otherwise be protecting you. Many dogs are spooked by...
  15. BattleDax

    To post or not to post...

    Thanks for the additional pics. I see now that they have some length to them. You might indeed find that you need to do some taping of them at least. I see also that they made the tip come to a point – maybe more on the right ear than the left.? Such a point might wind up being limp and...