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  • Akbull... Your bullmastiff is a great looking dog!! I have one now he is 9 and had one years ago
    I wish Boone grows up to look like Junior! He's such a handsome boy :) What do you feed him?
    Your bull mastiff has he cutest face that I have ever seen!! Absolutely adorable!! I have a 5 month old bull mastiff named Lolly.
    Thanks for that. What great looking dogs, I can see where Junior gets his beautiful head from. I was curious to see if he was related to Ottis's dad Ghostgum Caligula as they have a similar head, but no relation. Not many BM have that lovely wrinkled face.
    Hi, Junior is gorgeous. Just curious to what his bloodlines are. Can I be nosey and ask who his Mum and Dad are?
    Hi, I am trying to find a good home for my bull mastiff. He is 3 1/2 and neutered. He weighs 130 . He is a little shy until he gets to know you. He loves being with you and is good with large dogs. He makes a great house dog , but likes it out out side too. He needs to have a fenced in yard. My husband and I are starting a new job, and we have to start traveling. I hate the thought of kenneling him. I can send pics if you are interested. I live in Anderson SC.Please help me fined a home . clip1do
    Glad you enjoy the lemur pics. As far as owning them, a wildlife handler's license is required. Also they need a warm climate. Even here in Florida, there are nights where we have to set up a heater for them. Not easy; it can't be in the cage because Spiderman will play with anything. I took a new pic of Spiderman this morning, asking for a back scratch.
    Hi all. Junior is my male Bullmastiff, he was born March 22, 2011. My wife and I had him shipped to Alaska from California.

    My previous Mastiffs were Bud, an English, and Sadie, a Bull. If the situation warrants, I might post up pictures of them. They were great dogs/family members and are still sincerely missed.

    I love the breeds and couldn't imagine anything else.
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