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  1. rdryan

    rdryan New Member

    Well, Xerxes vomiting seemed to settle down for a few days and then I started giving him a couple eggs a day to help put some weight on him and we are back to cleaning up messes. :(
  2. motolyn

    motolyn New Member

    Awww poor Xerxes! Poor you for having to clean up the messes. Hope he's feeling better soon. What do you think is wrong with him.
  3. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    I can gut a deer, clean rabbits, quail and fillet fish all day long, but one vomit ruins my whole month.
  4. rdryan

    rdryan New Member

    Vet suspects sensitive stomach. He checks out healthy otherwise. In the process of changing his food and he was doing good for a few days but decided to add the eggs to help him put the weight back on and bam, three piles already today. And for some reason, he won't go for the bare floor..... needs to barf on the rugs. LOL So all my rugs/mats are outside, cleaned and hanging over the deck to dry.

    Hopefully he will settle down again and I won't be adding anything to his diet once I find a food that works.

    I'd rather pick up poop any day.
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  5. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    Oh no!!! are you going back to bland rice diet for a few days? Did you give him any meds?
  6. rdryan

    rdryan New Member

    I gave him some gravol to help settle him for today and we will skip supper this evening and then I was going to do bland for a few days and slowly reintroduce the kibble again and see what happens. It's very frustrating. He was skinny when we got him and did well on his food and was starting to gain weight and then all of a sudden he didn't do well on the food?

    He is fine otherwise, still happy, energetic etc..... just randomly throws up his food.

    Such a beautiful boy and so many issues. LOL
  7. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member


    I would have thought eggs were a good addition... but maybe not too many at once?
  8. rdryan

    rdryan New Member

    I would have thought so too. :( I'm going to hold off and get him settled on a food and see if he can regain on his weight on his own.

    I'm glad the vet thinks it is just sensitive stomach but wow. What a pain for him and for me. :(

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