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    Third largest thread....
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    Fila threads of this nature tend to be long. hahahaha.

    Yes that is the dog I was refering to. But not the video. Work or no work, they are out there.

    When I say in strike distance I mean were there no leash's involved people are in side the area that most would consider a danger zone. Unless of coarse everyone stands 100yds apart at cafib shows.

    Juan we all know what a Fila looks like. No one on this site likes the extreme examples of dogs you love to use. Those would be the ones you stay away from. Dogogirls pup is a nice Fila. Your pups were nice Fila. They look like Fila, move like Fila's, and act like Fila's.

    You do class people cause if you aint a cafib supporter you must be a ckbc supporter. When most us dont care.

    I dont know about cafib and money. I do know if you have a web site, and a kennel, and sale them, you trying to make money. No one spends thousand and thousands of dollars and 10,20,30yrs breeding, just to create their own personal pup of perfection. To get the look they want.
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    Actually Chuck I have to disagree with this comment.
    I personally know people who have spent 10's of thousands of dollars and countless hours doing just that.
    Trying to create their "perfect" ideal of what they want their chosen breed to be, that falls within the standard of course.
    One of my good friends has spent probably well over 30k on dogs and has maybe sold 7 pups, the rest are given to those with a like minded vision, NOT BREEDERS. And that 30k is just on importing, impregnation, stud fees... Not including showing, temperament testing, health testing, handler fees, and every day maintenance of the dogs, buying dogs that didn't turn out as expected, paying to spay/neuter them and rehoming them with no fees...
    There are quite a few ppl out there breeding for love not money. If you are doing it right chances are you will never break even.
    Just my 2 cents
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    Chuck, Stike distance is as far as the lead is. I dont know anyone who has a 100 yard lead as NONE of our dogs are ever off leash at a CAFIB function. So does everyone stay out of strike distance... yes but that is about 5-6' away. Also it is important to understand that our dogs are not being walked about and hanging out with their owners during the show, they are either in crates out of sight or in a vehicle. The only dogs that are on leads are the ones in the "ring" and no one goes within striking distance.

    Chuck, you are generalizing. By your statement YOU seem to like Filas with CAFIB characteristics. The Statement that EVERYONE knows what a fila looks like is misleading. I posted a link of Champion "Filas" and if I didnt know that they were all labeled as "Filas" I would've never known they were fila let alone the same breed as each other. Now obviously someone looks at those dogs and can come to the conclusion that they are Filas, hell the judges did, the breeders did and all their customers did. So when you say that we all know what a fila looks like it is incorrect and I have to understand what it is that you believe a Fila looks like before I can understand when you say "it it looks, walks and acts like a fila then it must be". Understand? I am not attempting to be a douche when I ask what kind it is that you do consider to be a fila I am just trying to figure out what it is you are talking about when that is said.

    I do not class people, CAFIB supporter or not. I put out information and at times that information debunks fiction and opinion. When I have an opinion about something and I get stumped with facts that I did not know before I feel stupid for a second and then I change my opinion to go with the facts and then I no longer voice my previous opinion and i def. wouldnt try to convince others with it as I now know it to be false.

    I believe the question was for CAFIB as an organization not individual breeders. I can see that the final straw grasping is hitting its peak which is good because after the final desperate moments comes an eerie calm there comes acceptance of facts. The only CAFIB kennel that I know of that can even come close to making money is Itanhandu and even then the amount has to be so miniscule that it wouldnt be worth it for me. Most CAFIB breeders have what, one litter or 2 a year? get a calculator out... times the cost of food, vet bills, stud fee (if applicable), years of raising the dogs to adulthood, driving to shows and evals, website fees, kennels and paper fees... and then a litter of 7 is born with 2-3 pups being sold for $... what does that equal? Now your going to say what about itanhandu... well Itanhandu has what 6-8 litters of pups, some of which are given away (this is why you dont even see some litters advertised but their pups turn up in peoples homes) and some sold. Now their kennel is huge with farm hands who dont only take care of their dogs but their horses as well (no they dont breed horses). They sell their dogs for less than what most sell them for and their website is HUGE. yea, they may make a few Gs a year from it after all their expenses but what you dont know is that gerson LOVES these dogs. It is his passion and his idea for the kennel. cintia is his wife and although you hear from her most (cause she speaks english) it is Gersons kennel and the love for his dogs is apparent as soon as you see him interact with them. So yea, if there is no money involved as I just proved what else would be the incentive to breed dogs? well for CAFIB folks it is for the love of the breed and for the most part it is to get the dog that they want. It is a foreign concept i know but it is what it is.

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    Cody, You are correct. I know of several people that I would consider absolutely insane because of the amount of cash they have put in.. it is an expensive hobby when done correctly.
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    Cody, You are correct. I know of several people that I would consider absolutely insane because of the amount of cash they have put in.. it is an expensive hobby when done correctly.
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    Cody, I agree that there are some out there that breed trying to create the perfect specimen. Yes, I know some people who breed sporadically, like Juan who do it for the love of the breed. However the majority are out to make money. I would even go as far to say that more than 50% of the Filas represented here are directly or indirectly from Eshabeta or Inthando or byb's.

    We have learned that dogs are commodities and as long as there is money to be made with them there will be lying and cheating ad nauseum.
  7. Cody

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    Absolutely. There are kennels out there who's dogs are "livestock" so to speak. I know quite a few in my breed that pump out 10-20 litters a year, not including the money they make off stud fees and really one can make a fortune in stud fees ;) . Yet by many are consider ethical breeders. It happens in every breed...
    I was disagreeing with Chuck's comment that "No one" spends money not to make money when in fact there are many ethical breeders that do just that.
    I am sure there are kennels (that term can be used loosely) on both sides of the Fila debate that do just that, make money off their dogs. However, I am also sure that there are probably just as many, if not more who watch their funds disappear while trying to preserve what they believe is in the best interest of the breed.
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    Well Cody I would have to say them folks are off their rocker. But thats just me. I know many folks breed for love. But to spend that kinda jack and time is insane.

    Juan I think you just missed my point on the money. I'm not saying cafib or it's breeders are around to just make money. I am saying you would be a damn fool to think there aint cafib breeders there cause they want to make money.

    When I say we all know, I mean the folks right here in this thread that your talking to right now. I love cafib looking or ckbc filas. I dont care which. If a cafib fila looks like a hotdog or a ckbc fila looks like a neo, thats not what I'm refering to.

    When you ue terms such as you guys, you all, and you ckbc supporters, I assume your speaking to "Us" as the ones in this thread. If so you are classing "Us".

    I did'nt realize the dogs were crated all the time at the show's. I thought they were all on leads just kinda hanging out. Thus my mis understanding.

    I'm not sure who has been stumped with facts. Your opinion is based on other folks opinion. There are no facts as to the true make up of a fila. I've read the story multiple times. I undertand exactly what happened. That does not equate to facts. It equates to someone changing their mind and creating a diffrance of opinion If we were talking facts nothing would be up for debate.
  9. Cody

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    Hence the well known phrase "Crazy dog people" :razzberry:
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    I can see all that work for the next big thing. The next "to have" blood line. Which equates to money in the end. But to spend all that on a personal desire regardless if the end results in others minds, that crazy. Not as crazy as a million dollar clone of your dead dog, but still a bit in left field. hahahahahaha
  11. Cody

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    Lol, my friend's male did very well, finished in the top 5 but after all that work, time and money... He doesn't want to "give away" his bloodline that he is building. So no, it doesn't equate money when you don't stud out your dog.
    It is pure crazy :D and I respect that
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    Chuck, "you all" in my text is pertaining to those that said "if it looks like a fila, etc, etc" I dont know what you guys meant by that because if it is not a CAFIB fila then we are talking about multiple types. I dont know about you but when someone says CAFIB I immediatly get a mental picture of a CAFIB Fila Brasileiro (usually Nagan do Amparo for whatever reason) but when someone says CBKC or non CAFIB I get images of 5 different types of dogs. So i'm not trying to be rude or class you I am trying to figure out what you mean so I can get that same mental picture that you are thinking of in my head as well.
    Also we have ALOT of crazy dog people in CAFIB, I dont know a single CAFIB breeder in the U.S.A that has turned a profit from breeding dogs. remember we import alot and while they may be good dogs they may not represent our ideas of a good breeding bitch or stud... that dog there just became a negative "income' producer. Now if they were in it for the $ they would breed it anyway but they dont. I know one "breeder' that has had 1 breeding in 4 years... why? because she is so strict that she has culled more than 3/4s of her stock some for big issues and some for issues that most will still breed. remember CAFIB also has an ethics portion for their breeders and if that isnt followed they can be "excomunicated" (dont know what else to call it, lol) from CAFIB. I will try to find that, it is old as hell and i remember some stuff being very outdated such as how to properly disinfect kennels with a blow torch! lol. but you get my drift. you will not do well if you think you will come into CAFIB and make a living off of it, you will be shunned by everyone.

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