Why did you choose a Mastiff?

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Tailcreek, May 25, 2009.

  1. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Oh, and how could I forget to include the fact that I love the streak of sarcastic humor that runs in the Fila genes! :D
  2. Droller

    Droller New Member

    Before my Mastiff i only ever owned Staffordshire bull terriers so the change was a big one and very interesting to observe too.
    Whereas my SBT like every person they meet (even if people dont like meeting them) my mastiff,no,no..he always has reservations and has to check people out 1st,his loyalty to me is second to none.

    An example of this is for instance,if a friend or family member comes and asks to walk the dogs Aslan straight up wont go if i dont,the SBT they are out the door as soon as collars are put on:D

    Other traits i admire about mastiffs are obviously the majestic looks (i have looked on the forum here and all the different mastiff types maintain that royal look,im really feeling the CAO at the moment),so yeah,what more could you ask for,loyal,guardian,friend,show stopper,even the drool is something ive come to laugh at (BTW,my user name was supoposed to be drooler,fucked that up:rolleyes: )

    After owning Aslan i have no doubt that Mastiffs will always be in my life from now on.
  3. Zoom

    Zoom New Member

    Aussies and Mastiffs share quite a few characteristic traits it sounds like. They have their own sense of humor and intelligent wit, are incredibly loyal and should be reserved with people they don't know, coupled with a decent guarding streak. The original working Aussie wasn't something you messed with, maybe not to the extent of a Fila, but you sure weren't getting far if you were on a ranch to cause trouble.
  4. Sweet72947

    Sweet72947 New Member

    Wow I met an aussie like that once, and I've been wondering if that's part of the breed! This woman used to come volunteer at the rescue shelter I volunteer for, and she would leave her troop of four dogs in the large exercise area while she was there. One of the dogs was a handsome blue merle aussie. He was sweet as pie when his owner was around, but if you went near that exercise area when she wasn't there, he was a regular beast (barking and snarling). lol

    As to the topic of the thread, I don't own a mastiff yet but there is one I intend to adopt as soon as I can, named Opie (he's the dog in my avatar). He's a Fila mixed with something else, maybe Cane Corso. Before Opie I thought mastiffs were cool, but I NEVER thought about owning one. I thought they were too big, too stubborn, not for me, blah blah. Opie has changed all that though. I have never had a dog love me so much. My lab, Daisy, doesn't come near me unless I have food, or she wants to go out. The rest of the time she's sleeping someplace, or in the kitchen begging whoever is in there for a treat. Opie, however, can't get enough of me. He's a great big snuggle dog, and I go in his run and sit there with him on my lap for usually around two hours. I just LOVE dog cuddles, so its funny that the dog I currently own is the Anti-Cuddle. :p

    I like Opie's loyalty, and intelligence. To some people Opie might not SEEM intelligent because he isn't like a border collie, but he's always observing and figuring out stuff. He's innovative and quite outside the box. For example, for some reason Opie just can't understand how to pick up a Frisbee like a normal dog, so he broke a hole in the middle and picked it up that way. :D Also, Opie really isn't a dog to act rashly. He evaluates the situation first, and then reacts accordingly. Although, he does react rashly to lawn mowers, I learned that last weekend. We were in the exercise area and one of the staff started mowing the grass near the fence with a push mower and Opie threw himself at the fence a couple times (normally he likes the guy just fine, I guess he just doesn't like the mower). I had to distract him and go on the opposite side of the exercise area until the guy was done because I didn't want Opie to bend down that chain link fencing! :rolleyes:

    Its always SOMETHING new with these guys. I love it! I will never be without a mastiff in my life again. I have been researching different mastiff breeds, and I am really crushing over Cane Corsos right now. I was also looking at Filas. They are really something quite different from any other dog breed I've met. I may own one sometime, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet.
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  5. lorenzo

    lorenzo New Member

    I wanted a ca de bou because of his loyalty.A easy smart dog wit a lot of expresion.
    Also because there were no many in mijn country.
  6. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Having owned both, yes, they do share those traits. A good Aussie today is a great deal like a good old-fashioned GSD and can be a fierce guardian.
  7. 2Mastiffsowner

    2Mastiffsowner New Member

    what traits attracted me to the breed is their sweet nature around people they know and there protectiveness when it is needed. i had the two Mastiffs a month ago chase two bad guys up a tree and kept them there until the Police arrived.

    DQNASTY New Member

    i love large dogs. im 6'6" and a country boy. i grew up with dogs as pets and for hunting. the fact that Corsos are so loyal and guardians makes it a ideal pet and help in protection of my family when im not home. everything about a Corso in regards to size and temperment i love.
  9. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I find it hilarious (in an awesome way) that you chose mastiffs partially because you are a tall guy. Part of the reason I love and will always choose large dogs is because I am small (just 5 feet). Having large dogs, a large husband and tall friends in my life has always made me feel safer and happier (I do have a few fellow shortish friends but two of my three closest girlfriends are just shy of 6 feet tall, and of course my husband is also 6 feet). lol

    The other reason I like mastiffs and large breeds in general is they tend to be calmer and less spazzy then smaller dogs. Also I feel like with a large dog you can really *do* stuff (hiking etc.). My mom always had these tiny rat dogs when I was little and I remember her trying to bring them on backpacking trips and I would get stuck carrying the dog most of the way.

    I also like that people (scary men) think twice when I am walking my dogs alone. They won't bother me and I like that. Walk my mom's 15 lb dog and nobody has any problem messing with me. Walk my 75 lb and 55 lb mastiff mixes and they just leave me alone.
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  10. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    Same, Nik! I'm 5'1" and Dozer is much larger than I am. We live downtown so there are plenty of sketchy people around, but they generally don't get too close when they see 160 lbs. of dog. It's not why I got him, but an added benefit!
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    DQNASTY New Member

    ive always had big dogs....those under 40lbs are cats lmaoo....ive never appreciated smaller lap dogs. ...smallest we had were beagles and my father used them strictly for hunting.
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  12. Courtney H

    Courtney H Active Member

    I chose a mastiff for a few reasons. I just love them. They are big babies, but a great protector. They are loyal, sweet, intelligent... I have a soft spot for big dogs. My first dogs as a child were shepherd/saint Bernard mixes. They were just amazing. I always had a big dog to cuddle. Axel was our first corso. Someone I knew had a corso and I knew that’s what my life was missing. I absolutely love mastiffs.
  13. Davie

    Davie New Member

    Always liked large dogs and have been a long time fan of the mastiff breeds.
    My preference in look would probably be a bull mastiff.

    I've had dogs all my life and mainly had large dogs. The 2 best dogs I have had have been my Rottweilers.
    The last time I went to get a dog, around 10 years ago, I went for a 9 month old Bull mastiff named Tommy. I was looking for a partner for my American Bulldog Sakura.
    He was at Cardonald SSPCA shelter and he was a big cracker.
    That same morning he had bitten one of the handlers and could not be rehomed at that point in time. I ended up coming home with Kai, my last Rottie and never regretted it for a second, she was a fantastic big girl. But I always had my heart set on a Mastiff, so when Kai recently passed away, we started looking at Mastiffs.
    I was at work one day, when my wife decided to tell me we had Luna, an 8 week old CC x Pressa.
    So Sakura (now an old AB) has the mastiff pal I had planned almost a decade earlier.

    We wont have Sakura for too much longer.
    I always like to have 2 dogs, so they have a companion.
    I've already started to give some thought to the next one and I'm in two minds whether my next will be a Bull Mastiff or I will go for another Rottweiler. I have such good experience with the breed, I'd love another

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