What’s your dog’s favorite spot?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Courtney H, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Courtney H

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    F4AEEACA-C4F9-464C-8549-46E989B73C24.jpeg I love seeing my dogs cuddle. This is their favorite spot in the house. What’s your dog’s favorite spot?
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  3. Nik

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    Courtney - What a fabulous and happy photo!

    DennasMom - Love the video! I always thought Diesel hated water because he refused to go in the ocean. But, the one time we took a road trip with him up to Seattle he LOVED the fresh water lake at the dog park we went to. So I guess he just doesn't care for salt water but he definitely adores fresh water. Kahlua has yet to experience lakes or ponds and she also is scared of the ocean. One thing that will be great about the move is we should have plenty of fresh bodies of water to visit with the pups.

    Diesel's ultimate favorite spot is definitely on the bed alone with me though. I think Kahlua's favorite spot is running around like a crazy thing in the back yard. She is happier playing in the yard where she feels safe then on our walks. Diesel loves his walks. That is probably his second favorite place, anywhere out and about by our side.
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  4. Michele

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    Anywhere that I am, that's my dog's favorite spot.
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  5. Boxergirl

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    Yep. This is my dogs too.
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  6. Nik

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    Michele and Boxergirl - LOVE that answer. I think that is probably Kahlua's true answer but Diesel is a weirdo. He seriously is always asking me to go to the bedroom and will go into a full panic mode if I ignore the request too long. Last night he asked to go and I hadn't fed them dinner yet and it was dinner time (I had already ignored his request for about an hour as I was doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, making tea, etc.) So I obviously told him no and then fed them dinner. He refused to do his NILF tricks for the food and had no interest in eating. Kahlua was a good girl and did her tricks and ate her dinner. Diesel just sat there stress panting and drooling in between running to the door to ask to go bedroom. I even tried feeding him for free with just command "eat your food" and zero interest.

    I finally decided he must really need the alone time (puddle of drool, stress panting, yawning, etc.) so I gave in and took him to the bedroom just him and I and then it was all tail wags and happy calm. An hour later he was ready to do tricks for his dinner and be his normal self.

    But, this isn't too unusual a thing if I go more than two days without giving him some alone time specifically in bed, specifically in the bedroom then he has these weird panic attacks to go to the bedroom. Alone time in the kitchen isn't good enough, neither is alone time in the living room, or alone time in the yard or alone time on a walk.... nope it absolutely has to be alone time in bed with just me.

    So with Diesel it's weird because while he likes being with me place does seem to really matter to him as well.
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  7. Jarena

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    Being a weirdo in her bed=Lettie’s favorite spot :) 26DAC38F-1791-43C0-A5E9-0297668DFE94.jpeg
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  10. Bailey's Mom

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    Bailey's favourite spot, without a doubt, is the Dog Park. She loves the big field and all the paths and the woodlot and the terrain is up and down which adds to her pleasure. It's a blessing and my heart soars watching her roar across the field...thundering hoof beats (at least that's what it sounds like.)

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