Vet who is not familiar with the Fila breed

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by Sitka, May 6, 2016.

  1. Sitka

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    Hi all,I have a wonderful 4 yr old Fila X Neo. Who I would say has more the build of the Fila and definitely demonstrates the camel pace/walk. Well I currently work as an assistant at a local Vet's and he seen her moving and mentioned to me he thought she looked like she had loose joints, possibly hip dysplasia. She is an extremely active bush dog and never experiences pain/stiffness that she lets be known to us. I am wondering if it's possible because he is completely uneducated about the Fila he may have mistaked her gait for this? I am not concerned with her mobility at this point and may be giving my notice anyways to leave this establishment, thinking if I do get concerned I would see another veterinarian. Just looking for individuals input at this point. Thanks!
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    Post a video here and see what others think. Fila's are very stoic and don't show pain. Personally, I would have it checked out but I can be overly cautious.
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    I agree with AB, post video if you can.But I will say, I did have a vet not familiar with the Fila gate, promise me my girl had hd. Of course I shared her hip x-rays with him and her ofa certification of good!But it's still worth a look. Have you ever thought of having prelims done? Easiest way to know and Filas do have issues with hips and elbows.

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