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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Vantage, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I was wondering if anyone can suggest a few good Cane Corso breeders, in Ontario/ Toronto area. I don't mind driving a little bit for the right puppy.

    I know of Troy, which seems a little sketchy imo. I know of Lillian, Cosima, Capital, and Maxamillian.

    I was wondering if someone can give me a suggestion on who is the most ethical, and caring towards the preservation of the breed. I want a puppy that is as close to what a true CC should be, with a good temperament.

    If YOU were buying another CC, which breeder would you personally go to and why?
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    I don't know that any of the kennels you have listed, except Troy do any sort of health testing. That would be the first thing I would ask them and ask to see the reports/certificates, if they say they are and ensure they are from the pairing you are looking for a puppy from. Capital imports a lot of dogs from the US as adults I think so those ones likely have health testing done but I can't say if they do it on the puppies they produce and breed from. I would not limit yourself by location, there are many breeders that will ship to you. I would find someone who has the look you want and is breeding for the breed, health testing, etc. and go from there.
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