Too many fat dogs.

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by season, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    This has been a very frustrating thread to follow. School yard bantering, he said she said, and a whole lot of flaring nostrils I'm sure.
    I'm happy to see it come to white flags in the air.
    This forum for me as a newbie mastiff owner (3 yrs) is a learning tool. I come to read to better my relationship with my dog, to connect with like-minded dog owners and to get a laugh at the comedy posted. As we all know mastiffs are very unique and perfect to us no matter what life throws at us.

    I have been called a mastiff snob because my life revolves around my boy. As most mastiffs owners will and can say the same.

    What we do with our dogs is what we feel is best. What one does is not what another sees as perfect and that is ok. Let's face it you can Google "best dog for lazy people" and Mastiffs comes up. NOT TRUE but it's in black and white so it must be true, no?
    We learn as we grow together just as we do with children. There is no ONE book that is perfect with all the info we need to raise our kids and pets. Everyone has their own ideas.

    The calling out and putting down in this thread was almost sickening. If I was a new mastiff owner and fell to this thread first I would have never made it to the 19th page to see the change. I would leave this forum with my tail between my legs with an ugly taste in my mouth.

    We all come from different places but we ALL treat our dogs with respect, love, and the best that WE feel is right. No one has the right to put anyone down for that. Personal attacks are just not fair and compete uncalled for.

    Even though Linc is fit, after reading this thread I feel I am a horrible dog owner because I don't run my dog, hike or bike. REALLY!!!!
    I see Linc as living the life most people would dream of. He is walked, excerized, played with, feed great, loved to the moon and back, trained yet now I feel he is short changed.

    Honestly this thread I feel should be completely removed and started over with no personal attacks.

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  2. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    You said you come here as a newbie mastiff owner to learn. Sometimes "learning" may include finding out that there is room for improvement. Isn't that a good thing?
    It's important to keep in mind that all parents may feel they have the right to raise their kids the way they want to but if the kids aren't raised properly, regardless of whether or not the parents think they are in the right, the authorities step in. This is to protect children all over. Unfortunately dogs do not have such protection so places like this forum are a small way to make up for that. Meaning well and doing well are 2 different things.
    Let me just say that I have well over three decades of experience with mastiffs. I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of much more experienced mastinari when I first started. Sometimes I got yelled at by these old and very wise men and I listened. It seems these days people would rather be stroked than learn. Raising a mastiff is serious business not just because the dogs deserve the best but a clueless owner can become the reason why someone gets hurt or even killed. Then the dog and in many cases the entire breed gets the blame and before you know it BSL disallows all of us to love what we love most.
    Maybe we could focus more on information than hugging people? Maybe it's more important to put the smack down on ignorance for the dogs and our own sakes?
    I travel a great deal and I see what is happening all over the world as far as BSL is concerned. And you know what? We love to point the finger at the thugs and bad people abusing dogs as we rightly should but... believe it or not just as much, if not more damage is done by the average and clueless dog lover who means well. Due to lack of information and not truly understanding the breed I see tragedies all over.
    These are serious issues.

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  3. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    i was raised by the guy on your left, those olympic gold medals .... no insult taken , thanks for the ejumakation..oh , he was a "gamedog guy" also, you'd have loved him ...........have you ever seen anyone condition a gamedog ??...................[​IMG]
  4. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    I have been active in the fight against dog fighting for many years. So no... I don't like pussies who fight dogs. Anyone who thinks it's OK to let a dog fight for entertainment and profit is my enemy. So no... I don't like that guy other than I would like to show him what it feels like for his dogs he's fighting for fun.

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  5. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I do not disagree with what you say or with the original post. Never did. But what it comes down to as a parent of 3 fantastic rounded children age 20, 18 and thirteen raised in a not so fantastic city full of bad things is what one believes to be correct or important isn't nessasarily what other thinks as important. I raised my kids as a stay home Mom. We believed that to be right whereas someone else thinks that's not teaching your kids independence.
    The same goes with animals. I do believe dogs as children teach us as we do.
    My problem with this thread is not what was said but how it displays.
    It's a good thing for me that I am smart enough to take the "good info" and learn. I am by no means unable to do that
    Unfortantly some people will read everything and not be able to take from this thread due to the verbal attacks.
    We are all passionate when it comes to our mastiffs there is no doubt about that. Some apparently more then others. But unlike you we did not and did not have the privelge to be taken under someone's wing and be taught what....yes I'm gonna say it again......THEY feel is right. Again there is the thing that makes us different.
    There are a few people on here that I would love to meet in person and be taught all mastiff things from.

    My daughter works at a dog shelter and I see way more then I need to. Dogs do need protection not only from abusers but from ill informed owners as well. I agree completely. But unfortantly their is no license to get to buy an animal.

    As I said we ALL believe we do what is best. Like politics and religion no one will ever agree completely no matter who is talking.

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  6. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    reality ain't always pretty but it's reality , and there's always something to be learned ........... he definitely knows how it feels , it was a different time , and while i agree it's cruel and wrong , you showing him anything probably wouldn't have went the way you planned ...... they did keep the good dogs fit , you'd think you guys would find that commendable ......... not like those disgusting fat dog owners .......
  7. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Active Member

    There is absolutely NOTHING commendable about fighting dogs and I don't give a damn if was different time or not!! It was/is a sport for cowards that went/go out of their way to abuse their dogs for their own sorry EGO's. A bunch of cowardly idiots trying to get their dogs to do what they can not. Disgusting!!!!!!!!
  8. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    We live in a time of political correctness which has essentially murdered common sense. I don't believe in political correctness. I believe in being correct.
    There is a reason why we have more suffering and crime than ever before. I know that one big reason for this is this inability to make a stand. People have become wishy washy to the point where everyone just accepts that we all deserve a hug. The child molester needs our understanding because he had a bad childhood. The abusive parent needs our understanding because he was raised wrong. Michael Vick needs our understanding because it's (according to oprah) a cultural thing and so on.
    I don't believe that "we all" do our best.
    I don't believe that there are a million different ways to raise a dog the right way.
    If everyone had a different and equally good way to raise dogs then why do millions of dogs end up in shelters? It's because people didn't think ahead, didn't pick the right breed, didn't give a crap about doing the right thing, didn't raise the dog correctly, didn't realize that children should not ever be allowed to sit on our crawl over or step on or ride on a dog... I could go on and on about what people do but you get the idea.
    In closing let me say this... you dismissed how these old mastinari raised their dogs as if it was "just another way of doing things" but think about this... none of these mastinari nor have my dogs ever been out of control, have ever hurt anyone or anything other than saving their owners lives. The proof is in the pudding. It's the people who have "their own way" of raising dogs who are responsible for people, children and animals getting hurt.
    Food for thought.

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  9. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    It would have went exactly the way I see it because he was a coward. Every dog fighter is a coward. Of he's still around tell him all 6 foot 5 of me is willing to pay for a dojo and a doctor visit after I show him what he's been doing to dogs. Dog fighters are scum.

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  10. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    Amen and thank you

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  11. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I again do not disagree. And this can go on and on but I am adult enough to end the bantering before I also become victim of being caught in a nasty circle of who is right. I understand where you are coming from. Passion is a wonderful motivater
    Nothing I say will come across as "good" I am sure of that.
    Society is made up of people with good intentions. Some will be completely wrong in my eyes and bang on perfect in others.

    I am a believer of grow and learn till the day you die. I do not listen to everything "THEY" say as they may be incorrect.
    I did not disregard your teachers and awesome on you for having that privilege. I would give my right arm for a chance like that. But with all I have learned about dogs have come from life with them, people's outlook, members on here and with all my learning I take what I feel is correct in my life. That's what makes us all unique. No matter what the best of the best say people will always disagree with something. That's how we learn. Think of how your people learned. By being taught and changing things for better.

    I have taken good info from this and will continue to learn, grow and share.

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  12. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    I understand. I guess it's how important it is to be good at any given thing.
    If something is that important to you then you will be willing to go the "only" route rather than "some" route.
    Think about this. .. look at the people who are the best at anything. There is no room for guess work. If you want to be a great tennis player you cannot argue with the techniques you are being taught. If you want to become the best dancer you will have to go to a ballet school which will not allow any other actions than compliance and learning. It doesn't matter what the subject. ..if you want to be great rather than alright you have to have the humility to empty your glass of false information in order to fill it with the correct information.
    There is no world champion of anything out there who decided his lessons were the "take it or leave it" kind.
    But I guess most people aren't bothered by looking like a drunken Irish man dancing next to ballerinas lol
    I had to say it.
    Agree to disagree and good luck.
    Let me know if you need help or advise with anything.

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  13. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I will post when I need help, and I take all that is posted back. Look at it all, learn and go forth. I am and will always be like most of us in the world a book of past, present and yet to be scripted pages.
    There to me is no such thing as perfect but always willing to learn to be better. There is always room to improve. I do nothing half ass and am proud of who I am
    I don't need to fight my point because it is exactly that my point, my opinion. We live in a messed up world and I take pride in the person I am and can't wait to see my future.
    My glass does not need to be emptied. It's waiting for more awesome things to continue filling it.
    And I will agree to disagree

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  14. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    Of course you don't need to fight your point because we're not arguing. Like you said most people do things the way you do. Nothing wrong with that. But remember that most people are never the ones who are the best at anything. Most people are by definition the average. Then you have the exception to the rule and those are people who excel to the point most people never reach. Those were the ones who were humble enough to say "teach me because I don't know".
    Most importantly though your heart is spot on. That is more than obvious.

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  15. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    folks i've known that used their dogs for work see them as replaceable tools . that's just how it is , no matter how you feel about it ........ what's your thought on greyhound racing , or hog hunting ???????

    he's 82 , far from the average , with hands like rocks , dont take this as an insult , but you need to educate yourself , read and read some more , and there is always google

  16. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Active Member

    MandyLionRock, While I agree with the basics of this thread, I totally disagree that there is only one way to do things when it comes to caring for and training dogs. All dogs are different as are all people so there are many approaches that can used and tons of "technique" to choose from. Arguing with Marke (in my opinion) is truly a waste of time. AGAIN THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION but he has a tendency to show up in most threads that are at all heated and argues to the death his way of thinking and IN MY OPINION doesn't bring much to table. Like Season he appears to have more interest in stirring the pot and pissing people off than actually discussing dogs or their care. As a rule I stay away from Seasons threads because he is rude and believes he is a dog master and is only here to tell people what they are doing wrong and to shame newbies which I find disappointing. If he has as much knowledge as he claims to (I am certainly not convinced) then what a waste since he doesn't have the social skills to talk to people respectfully. The only reason that even commented on this thread is because I agree that dog obesity is a real problem and because I take keeping my dogs healthy and happy very seriously.

    So, while I think you are passionate and do care about the breed, you are coming across a lot like season and Marke in that you believe you know all there is to know about dogs and are here just to tell others why they are horrible owners. I am trying not to jump to that conclusion since this is the only thread that I have read you in but I suggest that you take a minute to read yourself and instead of declaring that you have the ONLY answer. Now i that is what you mean to be then I guess you don't need to change anything but I assure you that it won't get you far here and a teacher doesn't humiliate, they listen, try to understand and then offer suggestions.

    You and your "role models" are not the only people in the world that have happy, healthy dogs who have not ended up in a shelter or hurt someone so that in itself tells you that there are many people who have learned a lot and taken great care of their dogs and they aren't all doing it the same.

    Also, for anyone that chooses to continue this discussion there are big differences between Obese, Overweight, Fit, athletic, etc dogs and I think that confusion is making this thread more impossible to learn from.

    If you decide to take a nicer approach, will find that this forum is a great place to share and LEARN as well as helping people who have recently started learning. I try to treat each person with respect unless they have already given me reason to.
  17. MandyLionRock

    MandyLionRock New Member

    Dogs aren't "replaceable things" and anyone who thinks like that is scum. There is no amount of steroids that makes up for the fact that this guy is a dog fighter and therfore filth. The fact that you don't seem to have an issue with dog fighting makes you not much more than him.
    If you fight dogs then you are a manlet. Period.

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  18. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    Okay I'm done with the bs, goodnight fat dogs.
  19. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    This thread has run its course. Thanks for playing folks.
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