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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Renee, May 24, 2009.

  1. Renee

    Renee New Member

    What is a Mastiff?

    Most of the normal reference sources define "mastiff" narrowly, in terms like this:

    But those definitions don't begin to encompass the variety and number of the breeds that belong to the Mastiff family.

    So, how do WE define Mastiff? Now it's our turn to see if we can't do a better job of it.
  2. Zoom

    Zoom New Member

    My fairly uneducated (read: don't own one to know the finer points) definition would ride along the lines of something like this:

    A group consisting of large dogs possessing strong, heavy bone without compromising working ability, typically short coated but with a few exceptions. Often characterized by drooping or hanging jowls and awe-inducing slobbering capabilities, these dogs were, and still are, most often used in a guarding capability, whether for personal or livestock protection. They bond intensely with their families and woe betide any who wish to cause harm, or even moderate mayhem, to a mastiff's people.

    I know everyone else will probably come along with something much more clever and humorous but that's what I got.
  3. filas931

    filas931 New Member

    Nice description Zoom! I like the "awe-inducing slobbering capabilities".

    Suggested modification: "awe/groan-inducing slobbering capabilities", and to the last sentence, "They bond intensely with their families, and act like gigantic babies with them, always whining and crying for attention and affection (regardless of age or size), but woe betide....."
  4. Tailcreek

    Tailcreek New Member

    Mastiffs as a group of dogs are also referred to as Molossers. These dogs are characterized by their large size, heavy bones, drop ears, solid build and short muzzle. Pictures of ancient mastiff were depicted in stone bas-relief in Assyria (dated at about 640 BC). Many of today's breeds have decended from the ancient mastiff.

  5. Renee

    Renee New Member

    I'd wondered if all molossers are considered Mastiff breeds? I'd read several places that the Pug is actually considered a molosser?
  6. Tailcreek

    Tailcreek New Member

    Pugs were first recorded in China and share a lot of similarities with the Pekingese. Although the color and coat are the same as a mastiff, I don't thinkk there is any relation.


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