These are some big dogs!

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    Politics play a big role in show's, so right wrong or indifferent I don't give them a lot of credit.

    Many true working breeders see no need in showing their dogs, that's their choice. My point was the only pictures referenced were show lines. Therefor your showing only half of or more than likely way less than half of all the EMs for a given period of time.

    There's plenty of huge EMs that have great movement and can work.

    Grazefull I've seen and read many of your post about EMs being fat and too big.. that's your opinion but owning EMs and being around many breeders.. there's a larger world than the comments you make about EMs. I'm a bit bias also however.
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    your rite but as u see im not the only one that says this, but im just abit louder saying it lol n im sorry for offending u if i do i just tell u as i see,n yes its my opinion but i already stated that lol n yes showline is about 25-35 % of the breeds out there i think lol but isnt it fact that the reason of show is to pass down good:( genes of that breed (selling puppies) r any breed i do agree with u that showline for most part doesnt help most breeds(exp. german sheperd) also im not saying an EM at 250+ cant like good cuz i have seen some but im saying is there very very very very few:(

    n your baby r very good looking :p
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    think of this way u go to any breeder website for large breeds n 85 % of the time they brag about size(head n weight but most weight) there not too many bragging about ability r soundness r showing off health records r prove me wrong lol n to add on i think as a EM owner r buyer what u do with your dog can show different results in how your dog looks i believe with all my heart so they dont have to turn out look the dogs in this picture n can u say with conviction that these dogs r sound r move with soundness?
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    I hear what your saying, and your on point with most of it. There arent very many 250lbers that are out there, however there are many excellent 200+ EMs, those i consider very large.

    Thank you for the comments on my dogs, my male is very small for a EM and came from a byb but I wouldnt trade him for the world. Our female has out grown him pretty much, not sure where she will finish up.

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    wow this was a great post n yes for me anything over 135 is huge to coming from a cc owner point of veiw lololololol so i understand that many of use can from a different point but its to my understand 180 to 240 is a sound range is this true ??? n i think height comes into the factor too?? n what u may consider small my be big to me lololol but as long as your babies r healthy i think is what counts in my eyes :)
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    My EM is 14 months old now he is 33 inch's at his withers and just over the 210 pound mark in weight. From what I have read EM's start to fill out after a year or so in age but when I look at some pictures of full grown EM's I think that if filling out means getting fat then thats not what I want. Although I think my dog is a little on the skinny side I would sooner him stay at the 210 mark then be a 250 pound dog that looks fat to me.

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