These are some big dogs!

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    Grateful, thanks for at least looking up the breed standard. These pics do show heavy bone structure, strong neck, shoulders and deep chest. Are they the best and world champions that's debatable. But they are excellent examples of Quality mastiffs adhering to the breed standard.. The fawn is more heavily muscled than the brindle but it is harder to see in brindle s vs. fawns due to the coloring and striping. No offense but if you are obsessing about wrinkles then I'm not sure why or what your seeing. Wrinkles in English Mastiffs are very desirable but on the forehead radiating around the eyes, this gives Mastiffs much of their personality when they are deep in thought. Nothing compared to a Neo though as far as wrinkles. That was one of the primary traits bred to that breed. Also all mastiffs will be big compared to almost every other dog breed. So even small ones are big. Genetics will account for bone structure, color and to a good degree size. Proper nutrition, exercise and firm yet gentle training will give a companion that is beautiful. Another thought on Rockport. They do adhere to a natural barf diet which debatedly is the healthiest nutrition for all breeds but especially for giants and slow growth. We do not do barf but learned with previous mastiffs that the highest natural quality food provides immense health benefits.
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    Rockport Mastiff .... not impressed.

    I emailed Rockport mastiffs a few days ago,i got a response that they had a male pup available to the right home. I responded back with a few questions about their pups ect.... In addition, i asked for references. I asked if they could either give me some emails to their references, or if they could forward my email to some references and give them the option to email me or not, incase they wanted their privacy and would rather not, this way it was left in their hands if they wanted to contact me with a reference.... This is the email i got back....

    Hello Cassandra, thank you for your follow up. Rockport Mastiffs have been breeding English Mastiffs for over twenty years.We do not impose on people to ask for references , we respect their privacy.I wish you good luck in your puppy search. Regards, Ken

    needless to say, i am not impressed. They basically shut me down immediately, didn't ask me if i was still interested in a pup and decided that because i asked for references, that i was not worthy of one of their pups. This leads me to believe that they don't have good references from puppy buyers. Most people that buy a pup from a good breeder and were satisfied, i could assume would be happy to give a good reference to potential puppy buyers. The fact that they would rather just not even give me the option to purchase a pup or ask more questions , and would rather dismiss me completely right off the bat shows they are not a professional establishment.

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    wow is right.

    I thought "good" breeders followed up with their puppies and kept in contact with at least some of the puppy owners... seems that if they had show contracts with some of their puppies, they'd follow them for marketing purposes, too - so they could show off all their ribbons, you know.

    The pictures on their website look like very unhealthy and unhappy dogs, to me. :(
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    :( ok ok i will lay off the wrinkles its was brought to may attention that they r very improtant to the breed n is what helps the breed head stand out more:) BUT........ from where im looking in from a standard point of view i would have to say it doesnt look good from where i stand and too much of a good thing can be bad too(barf) so it just my 2 cents but im glad i got to learn something here
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    Any reputable EM breeder will tell you that soundness of movement and body is very important after a certain extent size is detrimental to the over all well being of the dog. There was this excellent documentary where the worlds leading EM breeders explain how soundness of movement is extremely important. They even discuss how the EM of past was much more athletic compared to ones found today.
    It's a marketing gimmick, they use breed standard just am excuse to go over the top and breed dogs that can barely run. I'll try to find the documentary and post it again. It had some fantastic mast rods including the EM
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    thanks pls do i would love to c that :)
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    Here they are, please watch all three. They are owned by Gammonwood mastiffs.
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    Going to say I disagree a lot. recent champions and 50's champions. and they look a heck of a lot alike. In build and size.
    Actually some of the early one look in worse shape and some of the 80's look completely undefined.

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    All 4 of the ones in that pic look right compared to the obese ones from the breeder in question!

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    I'm not referring to couple of decades ago, I'm referring to century or so even more. EM's were always huge but now they are monsterous.
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    yes. The pic was to compare, and show grazefull, why I disagree with his statement that over the years there has been a large change in the standard, and the look of the champions. 2 are from the 50's and 2 are from the recent winners.
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    :scared2:lol i once again was set straight lol im not saying the look change but i will still say that i believe that the EM back than was for the most part still a large breed but not as large as they breeding them know in the usa we really think bigger is better :( at the cast of a dog true happiness n health n was compare them to the breeder in question n again this is all a matter of opinion at the end of the day i will say that some of those champions werent what i would consider show lol but they were no way as big r heavy as these dogs here !
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    More and more this whole "breed standard" moniker terrifies me. I look at what happened to the GSD and English Bulldog and say wtf are people thinking? Aesthetics like that do NOT improve the breed.

    My comment is generalized because I know nothing about EM's so I will reserve judgement other than to say bigger is NOT always better as you reach the point of diminishing returns for what the breed was meant to do at some point.
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    That's not proof they weren't as big, it's proof that the winners shown on that site were smaller in the earlier years. There were EM's just as large they just aren't shown on that site as winners.

    How do you assume the EM got so big if there weren't ever any large one's? Did they mix in some miracle gro?

    Nope.. they bred large to large and continued the process. There's a reason or should be behind the pairings, other than just overall size but thats a large contributing factor to the EM.. they are known as one of the largest breeds.

    The EM isn't supposed to be the size of a CC nor any other Mastiff line.

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    no doubt u r rite there a gaint breed but when size is the only factor to this breed r any breed at than there is a problem i cant imagine this same breed being a big strong working dog r a guardian when they look like the one in this breeder stock ????? do u not agree !!!! yes size is important thing to the breed but not to the point of have the dog have a suffer n damn y do ppl confuse a nice muscular dog size to a fat dog size as being the same trem as big????we all know that muscle is def. heavier rite n if u dont know u do lol thats the question that should be ask lol n sorry if u feel im comparing cc to em because im not mine u im not the only one saying that these EM r unhealthy n they also have EM so ...................
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    oh yea n the fact about size does matter at a certain point because they still needed to get jobs done n back than dogs were still used for a prepossess so u wanted me to believe that the dogs in this breeders stock would be able to do the jobs it was assigned for this breed fully at the size the r know even as a pet r show :scared2:??!?!?!?!? i mean u did watch the last video toward the end ?
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    Who do you think was being bred the most, the champions obviously. You yourself did that back the. Champions were smaller, so as a general guidelines their offspring would fall around the same size compared to now where they consider size to one of the key factors in winning championship, the bigger the better.

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