These are some big dogs!

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  1. grazefull1

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    do u really think if the parents r overweight than the puppies r doomed? is overweightness a gene factor?
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    100 reply's! :p
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    Was that directed at me? Cause I said the exact opposite of that.
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    I know that there has been a genetic predisposition for obesity found in humans so there maybe one in dogs also. That doesn't mean a puppy from overweight parents is destined to be overweight but it might mean that it would be easier for that puppy to put on excess weight than a puppy from ideal weight parents. I agree that how the puppy is handled is the most important factor as to the dogs physical appearance. If you let a lazy dog just lie around but feed for an active or average energy dog their going to be overweight. Feeding for the dogs activity level and not its stomach size and ensuring that they get exercised is the best way to have a healthy, fit dog IMO regardless of the parents weight.
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    I've read these forums and I see a lot of negative talk about rockport mastiffs and I felt compelled to put my two cents in. I have an olde English mastiff from rockport. He is very happy and very healthy. He is also a very well mannered
    Dog and is great with my young children. In fact this is my second mastiff from rockport with same results with each dog. I also have nothing but the utmost respect for the breeders themselves they have been nothing but helpful to me and my family with any questions or comments I have ever had. Kudos to rockport I highly recommend them.
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    Those dogs are huge and can't be healthy

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    zombie thread but I'll take the word of EM owners on this. I personally think those dogs have no muscle structure but I have a built in bias since I am a Bullmastiff guy.
  8. philip12

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    A typical male can weigh 150–250 pounds (68–110 kg), a typical female can weigh 120–200 pounds (54–91 kg), with show specimens tending towards the upper ranges.
  9. grazefull1

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    ok ok its been awhile since i post on this n ive learn alot since than but i still have to say there still not healthy EM to me but the only different now is im not compare them to neo there more like dosa to me than neo :(
    [​IMG]but this one is healthy lol
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    Im not sure I underatand what you are saying, or I guess why you are pointing that out?
  11. Michael.lawless

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    Great to see so many Mastiff lovers and thank you Tmkaa. In reading these posts there have several comments that are slightly misinformed. First, we have had several Mastiffs. From a BYB then a magnificent male from Lazy D Mastiffs and now a wonderful,male and female from Rockport. All spectacular as they have the most desired traits: calmness, loving, gentle, social. As far as the comments of Rockport not appearing healthy and overweight. Rockport adheres to the Old English standard and not the AKC standard for Mastifs. Note that Rockport is in Canada and not the US. This is primarily shown in the depth of chest being greater as well as length of body being longer. So there will be differences depending on the hereditary lines for each breeder. Next are comments on some of the pictures on Rockports page, some of the females are pregnant or recently pregnant. A couple of,the pictures posted on this thread are actually from and in the Rockport hereditary line. As far as health and testing. I cannot vouch for testing but our male from Lazy D ( the top rated breeder in America ) was spectacular but died of cancer at age 5. Our male and female from Rockport are also spectacular but a comment on elbow and hips in Mastifs. OFA testing is primarily AKC driven and is not generally accepted until a minimum age of 2 and more accepted at age 3. Extremely important for any mastiff guardian is to find a vet with knowledge of or at least open to questioning with giant breeds. Mastiffs can be diagnosed with elbow and joint issues, even x-rayed for confirmation but be very carefull. Full bone and joint growth may take 2-3 years to fully develop and close growth plates. This is not to say that there may not be issues but a responsible vet will know better than to jump to the standard conclusion that all closures will be fully formed by 6-9 months of age. Rockport, like Lazy D is a very responsible breeder. Our boy Boomer from Rockport is now 13 months, stands 33" at the withers and weighs 200 with very little excess. Our girl Babe from Rockport, also 13 months is beautiful girl, 25" and 120lbs. She seems tiny compared to Boom but both are healthy, typical Mastifs pups. Just the same as our previous boy Bo. Love and proper nutrition will give you a loving companion.
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    Rockport adheres to the Old English standard and not the AKC standard for Mastifs

    show what r the old english standard i would like to c this standards n is there a reason for the changes for the standard know

    i can not say much for the EM but i do understand that few breeds has more than one standards/registerity (hint corso) so im just trying to understands
  13. TWW

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    OEMC standards

    Head, in general outline, giving a square appearance when viewed from any point. Breadth greatly desired: in ratio to length of whole head and face as 2/3. Body massive, broad, deep, long, powerfully built, on legs wide apart and squarely set. Muscles sharply defined. Size a great desideratum, if combined with quality. Height and substance important if both points are proportionately combined.

    full standards

    AKC simply look at EM forum.

    No way anyone is going to tell me Rockport is keeping with
    Muscles sharply defined.

    They are keeping more to the body and facial look.

    Over all the agreement can be made for look but I just don't feel there keeping the stock at healthy weights.
    I would say there trying to appeal to those who want the huge dog on the block.
    If they are breeding the temperament I have read here and elsewhere, I personally would applaud that.

    Have personally spoke with them when I was searching for a pup, I found them nothing but professional.
    By the overweightness in the photos an there pure professional manner, is why I chose elsewhere.

    If you check obesity studies in animals they do lean toward genetics carrying it over. But it plays a very small part. The owner past that plays A bigger part.

    I personally would say Kris's EM Ruger looks far better is the hind quarters than any of the ones in the dog show video. Anyone with half a eye can see a odd movement in the walk of the third dog to walk.

    Gazefull not sure why your stuck on the wrinkles. EM's have them, the OE more than the AKC as to which you like more.

  14. Michael.lawless

    Michael.lawless New Member

    TWW, you are quoting from an individuals tribute page to his loving mastiff. If you had copied from the AKC page or even the MCOA ( Mastiff Club of America ) then you would not find the word SHARPLY used once in the standard description. The description for the standard is for massive and heavily muscled not sharply defined. That is not what an English Mastiff is. Please just go to the web site or just google AKC Mastiff breed standard for the official breed standard.

    If it is important for anyone to have a thin English Mastiff then maybe you would like a Great Dane. If you want a sharply muscled mastiff then maybe you want a Bullmastiff.
    Neo's, like BullMastiffs like Great Dane's are all in the genetic line from Mastiff Mollasars just bred throughout the ages for specific traits that someone found desirable. But if you are going to criticize then at least know what you are talking about.
  15. grazefull1

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  16. voidecho

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    I love Tyson, the brindle one. I think he looks awesome. He looks short, but I bet he isn't, he just has a deep chest.
  17. grazefull1

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    also EM arent known for there wrinkles there known for there size its the neo thats know for there wrinkles lol
  18. grazefull1

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    no he isnt short lol hes like 32in lol thats tall to me anyway lol
  19. grazefull1

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    also i think there past dogs were better
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    I definitely want some wrinkles on my English Mastiffs. There's a happy medium....I don't necessarily want them to look like a Neo, but I definitely want a big squishy wrinkly face!

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