The coyote returns

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  1. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Lol.. I meant," I wouldn't have it any other way"
  2. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    If i could destroy all the mosquitos I would. They are the worst of the worst of the worst and they love to eat me alive. :/

    To be clear I love wild life and living among it. And I even agree the coyote is gorgeous. And if we didn't have dogs and strong willed dogs at that I would be far less wary. I know that sounds silly and counter intuitive but I swear their darn brains turn off when it comes to possible "friend" or possible "danger" and the thing that scares me is that I can't get them to recall on command quickly when it comes to that. It is actually driving me up the wall. They are so very very good in almost every other scenario. But breaking Diesel away from the fence when the coyote showed was was no easy or quick job. And he was making the lets play whine. Ugh. I think I would be far less nervous about the whole scenario if I knew his brain didn't completely turn off the way it does.
  3. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I don't know how you live among the alligators. I would face a million coyotes rather than one alligator. Those things spook spook me. Did you see that story about the lady walking her dogs who got eaten by the alligator? That was pretty recent. They found her two dogs standing at the lake's edge one with the bloody face. It broke my heart for the dogs. Though no force in the world will ever get me near a body of water in either Florida or Australia.... No thank you to alligators. No thank you to crocodiles. Also no thank you to sharks.

    As for the conquering. I rather like to think I am the conqueror in my house. And though my husband is definitely protective my protective instincts are on overdrive for sure. My husband definitely didn't/doesn't see that coyote as any threat to the safety of our pack. In fact he wants to tame it and add it to the pack. Crazy man. And okay yes having a coyote as part of the pack would be super cool... but nobody is ever going to tame an adult full grown coyote. That is just not happening.

    This is also the same man that during a trip to the San Diego zoo sees a giant canine in one of the enclosures (before we see the sign for the animal) . This was right after we had seen the cheetah with its canine companion. He starts to whistle and try to call the canine over.

    I look at him and say "Um that is a wolf. It is not going to come."

    He says "no it is another big cat companion dog. Watch. Sit. Sit boy. Sit"

    The wolf stares at him.

    "Honey. That is a wolf. He is not going to sit for you."

    "No. It's a dog. Sit. Sit."

    The wolf stares.

    I walk over to the sign shaking my head read off the plaque including the name and the species of wolf he is to my husband.

    Husband laughs. "That wolf was so about to come and sit for me. I was totally training it."

    The wolf continues to stare.

    "uh huh. Right. Sure it was."

    We also don't fall into traditional roles per say. We both work full time (well he will again once the move is finished) but I am the bread winner as I make significantly more. My husband likes to say I am "domestically retarded" because I can't cook. Mostly I hate cooking. Like when it is just me I eat a lot lot less because I hate it so much. And when I do get it it in my mind to cook it comes out edible at best. Though I must say I am not nearly as bad a cook as my mom was. Her food rarely came out edible. We were both much thinner before she married my step-dad (he is a good cook). I do the lion's share of the cleaning though. And I definitely am better at anything artistic including decorating. But I can't sew at all despite the fact that I actually really wish I could because I have such creative ideas all the time. But, I can't even manage sewing a button onto a shirt. I have tried. I even took lessons years ago. All my attempts were pretty pathetic. I did try teaching myself to crochet with my mom's help and I got a nice little string going but it took months and months to get that with many retries. I still have dreams of getting good enough to make tons of scarves. My husband is more patient than I am and more nurturing. I am the strict one. He is the indulgent one. The dogs are more obedient to me. And when either of us gets stern my husband is often ignored whereas my stern voice is obeyed and my shrill "omg what did you just do i am so mad" voice which i swear is high pitch enough to only register to dogs is instantly reacted to with frantic haste. I have a feeling when we have kids it won't be "Wait til I tell your dad." it will instead be "Wait til I tell your mom."

    I am not a believer in traditional roles. But, I do believe in finding a mate that balances you so you can fill in the gaps for one another. My husband and I balance each other well. We have different strengths that compliment one another and it works. :) I may not cook him dinner but I did buy us a house and take us on cool trips when I can. :)
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  4. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Lol about taming the coyote! And getting the wolf to sit!!... that's what I was talking about, conquerors...tamers of wild beast...protectors..etc..

    As far as who wears the pants in the family, I think it's completely the decision of each family. What works for one, may not work for another. Our roles work for us. My husband works and provides, and I stay home and cook and clean. I have to say, I probably work just as hard as he does some days :) I enjoy physical labor though. And my husband is not the type to let many people lead him. He does value my input though, and will go with my ideas a lot of the time... And I've always been somewhat of a follower, so I'm glad to have a good leader that I can trust...

    It sounds like your roles work very well for your family. And that's great. As you were saying, it does seem like opposites attract, and balance and compliments each others weaknesses. And that seems to be what makes a relationship successful. :)
    That and trying not to be offended. I've noticed that works wonders! If he says something that I don't agree w, I try to not let it offend me. And I always try to see things from his point of view. Like walking a day in someone else's shoes... I think that one would work w any relationship. :D
  5. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    have you tried going down to the fence with him , touch him and talk to him , distract him even for seconds , touch him , keep everything outside of him calm , bring a chair and some treats , sit and watch the coyote with him …… I desensitize dog aggressive dogs to new dogs through a fence , they always eventually give up ……… everything is new to him , i'm sure he'll settle down …… my dogs will just sit quietly at the fence to animals on the other side hoping they will climb in, but they just sit and hope …….
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  6. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    So Kahlua is dog aggressive. And she full on charges the fence (there are kahlua head indents in the fence from her ramming it). No talking, no touching, nothing stops the insanity of her charging the fence and barking and snarling her fool head off. Distraction with balls, distraction with treats... none of it seems to work.

    Diesel isn't dog aggressive he wants to play. He wants to be friends. Sometimes I can distract him with play that is more fun on my side. Look at this super fun ball..... but that doesn't always work and it doesn't work quickly. Me calm doesn't help. Me standing or sitting nearby doesn't help. He really really wants to meet and play with the new dog (or person) and just his brain turns off. This is the case with the neighbor dogs. I didn't risk hanging around with the coyote (which started walking towards us). I don't want him to get into his head that the coyote could possibly be a friend. I should also note that he isn't even desensitized to the squirrels yet. He goes insane any time he sees one. The birds he is slowly desensitizing to and ignoring.
  7. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree with others be very careful! If you see one coyote there is more.... here they hunt in packs of 4 or more.... and it only takes a couple to take down a full grown deer buck with a full rack.... I know I seen it with my own eyes.... very impressive really.....a well oiled killing machine if you ask me.

    Their also very cunning and sneaky little bastards too. I've been dealing with their threat all my life.

    And feeding them isn't very wise either as I'm living in an area that use to be just farms and the last 5 years or so they have been developing around me....and these city slickers think it's ok to feed them with their leaving their garbage where the coyote can get it and their small pets out on their own....I see so many missing pet posters out here.
    The problem is now an manageable size coyote pack has grown to 30 to 35 coyote.... it's because of the easy food finds allow the older ones that can't hunt like they use too, are living a lot longer....these older ones are so dangerous because their not afraid of people and see dogs as food..... I've heard many a nigths one acting like an injured animal to draw a single dog out for their dinner.

    Nik please be very careful. It gets so bad around here that during the winter hard months I take my dogs out with my shotgun. It's a small gauge but was very necessary. I'm hoping with Bella being full grow it well be better for us this winter
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  8. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    That is so scary! Have they actually tried to go for you and your dogs? Have you had to shoot one before? I actually make my dogs hold it in the dark. When Sean is here he takes them out in the dark but I refuse. They know by now that as soon as the light is gone they won't be let out and they do good and hold it all night long.
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  9. Pastor Dave

    Pastor Dave Well-Known Member

    Yes, have explained it well. We are all so brave !!!!
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  10. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Yes I have had them only around 5 feet away when I’ve been outside at 11pm taking Sunny out for her bedtime business.... that was before Baby Bella. I have never shot a coyote before. I figure they would be easier to connect a headshot. I’ve had to shoot pigeons before and I was dropping them with 1 shot right in the eye all it took was the 1 shot.... this was my x’s sport to go to the barn and shoot pigeons with his pellet gun. I hated that he did that. This one time he had been out in the barn shooting and came in to ask my help. He had wounded One and couldn’t kill it. He kept missing. So I go out really pissed that Would had to do this. The X points out the bird. I pumped the pellet gun as much as I could I took aim and dropped him dead with one shot. My X says no not that one and pointed out this bird again. So I pump aim and shoot Dropped the thing in one shout. ....
    Now that I think about it perhaps this is why he was afraid of me :p

    Any way. Yes coyote is dangerous and if I was you I wouldn’t go into the yard without a gun. Especially at night
  11. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    It came back again yesterday!

    I was working with the dogs in my office and noticed that they were starting to smell like poop and figured it must be time for a potty break. So out we went. Luckily I keep the top gate permanently dog gated in now so that I can suss out what is going on in the yard before letting them loose. Well out I go and not thinking a thing of it because it is 4pm in the afternoon and bright and sunny and hot hot hot. I'm just thinking that maybe I can get away with a ten minute break so I can lay down in one of my lounge chairs while the dogs do their business and as I go to unlatch the door something catches my eye.

    The coyote was not only back but it was sprawled out completely in the grass of the neighbor's yard (mid-yard) and clearly sunning itself without a care in the world. I was so stunned that I just stared for a moment as my the hamster wheel in my brain slowly turned and tried to process.

    First thought was to wonder how that beautiful dog got back there before the dots connected and I realized that was the coyote again. Then I had to take a moment to ponder how absolutely stunning it was. And it was stunning. Perfect shape, not fat, not thin, beautiful glossy coat just shining in the sunlight. Thank goodness my husband was not here to see it looking that gorgeous or he would have been down there with dog treats convinced he could "train" it. :/

    It took me too many minutes to think about getting a picture. By the the time I started fumbling for my phone the coyote had woken from its sun drenched nap spotted me and was standing and staring. So I missed my amazing chance to capture that coyote in all its lazy, spring break, sunny days glory. I wish I could show all of you because it was quite the sight.

    But once that opportunity passed my next thought was what to do with my dogs who were perfuming the air with their poo scent reminding me of why I had stepped outside mid-day. At this point I start to panic a bit. I calm and I decide one at a time and with a broom. The broom is to beat off the (not in a sexual way) the coyote if it hops the fence and comes for us. The one at a time is because my dogs have decided to be disobedient butt heads whenever there is a new dog or person around.

    So first I went with Diesel because he is a little more stable. A new "dog" would excite him and he would go brain dead trying to play but I can jerk him out of the trance (not quickly enough) but it is possible. Happy I want to play excitement is a bit more manageable than the fear aggression I get from Kahlua. I also armed myself with a pocket full of peanut butter treats. I kept his focus on me with the treats and he never even noticed the coyote standing there staring at us because his eyes were glued to me. The coyote backed up a few feet when we went in the yard but kept staring. Diesel pooped. I called it a success and called him back to me. We had a slight set-back when he decided he would rather nap under the bushes and I had to bring out my angry stern voice. But when he remembered there were cookies in my pocket he was ready to follow me back in .

    Then Kahlua's turn. Again I was armed with dog cookies and a broom. I kept her focus on me with the cookies. She never saw the coyote. But.... the coyote moved forward when it was just me and Kahlua. And instead of pooping Kahlua thought laying down in the grass and soaking up the sun would be the way to go. With the coyote advancing I decided it was trouble. I waved the broom around a bit, made noise. The coyote just stared and kept moving forward. Apparently even with a large stick (broom) I am not intimidating. So Kahlua and I went back up to the deck. Once we were up there the coyote started backing up until it was just behind the brush (I could see it but barely through the brush and only because I knew where to look). I tossed the pups inside and sat on the upper gate right next to the door watching. The coyote stayed hidden for a little while but then it seemed to get bored. It came back out and I saw it crouch down and start stalking something in the yard. Then it started digging at the dirt (moles maybe... we have a ton of the darn things in my yard so the neighbors must as well).

    Eventually his stalking took him out of my sight as he disappeared to the front of the neighbor's yard.

    Our next attempt at potty ended up equally exciting but also a lot more stressful. The coyote wasn't out the next time so we went out all three of us. And then the dogs started running to the fence by the neighbor's house and barking and growling etc. There was a neopolitan mastiff roaming around their yard. It eventually moved to their side yard where we always see the coyote. And the neo was right against the fence. Both dogs were throwing themselves against the fence and barking their fool heads off. Ignoring me. Kahlua was trying to ram t hrough the fence and was so angry she was literally frothing at the mouth like a rabid beast. Nothing worked to stop them. I tried bribery. I tried commands. The only thing that stopped it was when I finally caught ahold of Kahlua's collar and swung her around to face me. Held her face with both hands and spoke face to face. Then she calmed down. She still tried to go back a couple times but i walked her with a grip on the collar back to the house. Diesel followed when we were halfway up the stairs.

    I went back out without them and couldn't see the neo from our yard. So I circled around to the front of their house and as I am entering their yard it occurs to me that within a few hours I had seen 1. A coyote and 2. a neo that I don't know and that walking alone at dusk into their yard (they weren't home) where both the coyote and neo had been might not be the brightest move. So I gave up and walked back to my house.

    Now here is the really weird part. Some of you may remember the couple that came to my house right after I moved in with a neo saying they "found it" and that the humane society said to just let it free. I could swear that neo in my neighbor's yard was the exact same dog. It looked like the same dog.
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  12. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    As I was reading and you mentioned the Neo, I immediately thought of the one the couple had..

    Interesting evening. That coyote is a nice looking coyote. I wonder if it's a hybrid. One good thing.... maybe the Neo will go head to head w the coyote, and run it off.
  13. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I was also wondering if it would scare off the coyote. Although I think Kahlua may have convinced it to move along. I wouldn't say "scared" as it didn't seem particular scared. It was slowly walking along the fence line while Kahlua literally foamed at the mouth and tried to get at it. I am 100% positive it is a fear aggression thing but I have a really hard time understanding where it comes from and why she doesn't recognize when a dog is four times her size. She isn't a "little" dog. But she is also under 60lbs and nowhere near neo size. Granted she is all muscle but she is also muscle in a short little package.
  14. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    It's funny how smaller dogs can assume they can take on anything. Sometimes I wonder if they know they're small. Sophie is 6 lbs, and she is the one always on the front lines. Snakes, rats , big dogs, she is fearless! Sometimes we have to save her from herself. She thinks she's just doing her job. Maybe it's the same for Kaluha.

    I had a Rhodesian who was the same. He was fearless. Nothing came in his yard. He would kill every cat, rat, he tried to go after airplanes, birds etc.. as a pup my husband was walking him, and a group of big dogs ran up on him. Our pup stood up and started growling and lunging at the pack. Ran them all off! We were very surprised, and pleased w him. He protected our property till the day he died. He was only 80 lbs, but was fast as lightning, and could jump like a kangaroo!
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  15. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Wow not a dull moment around your place lol
    I was thinking the coyote sounds like a young one. The young springlings or more curious then smart.
    And that Neo .... I was thinking the same thing April. My thoughts are that shady couple most likely dog napped the thing and when it didn’t pan out they just let it go
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  16. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

  17. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    That is a really interesting video.Thanks for sharing! I really hope that coyote does not see this as its territory and my dogs as competition. :/

    Also the arm waving and yelling thing didn't work with this guy but maybe thats just because it knows there is a fence separating us
  18. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    We are currently being overrun with wild bunnies in our neighborhood... we need more coyotes... but... not really... as we've had one coyote bury HALF of our neighbor's cat in our yard. Denna found it the next morning. We caught the coyote on camera coming back for the other half - I had tried to bag up the remains (so Denna would bother them), but missed some, as the coyote pointed out on camera (at 4am)...

    We found a collar, and from that located the owner - kiddie-corner behind us. He was normally inside at night, a big Maine Coon mix, but didn't come home one night. :(

    A different neighbor, 5-10 miles away, posted a picture of a creature that most responses agree looks to be a young coyote with a REALLY bad case of mange. Wildlife services won't do anything. Rescue agencies won't do anything. They found one group that would trap and remove it for $800... so... he's still out there sharing his mange with others and looking miserable. :(
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  19. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness! Don't you know a local hunter that could hunt this sick animal down before it gets really desperate and attacks a human?
  20. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    I live in an urban area on the edge of a 100yr old undeveloped park system, the part by me is a river valley , a creek runs behind my house , the coyotes use the creek as a pathway in and out the park , these are urban coyotes with a 100yr old 36 square mile habitat provided for them ......I know folks who have lost cats , I know firsthand they will eat cats .........I have only read , and very seldom , of folks near me who have had small dogs attacked and even less of small dogs being killed , I've been here 30yrs , off the top of my head i can only remember ever reading of one woman being bitten , she was trying to keep a coyote from getting her little dog , which she successfully did ………. a huge coyote is maybe 35-40 lbs , my dogs are loose outside 24/7/365 I've never had a problem , I've never personally known any of my neighbors to have had a problem with one and their dogs ……. I've taken my dogs to run and walk on the trails in that park, morning , day , and night for the last 30 plus years , run those trails for the last 40yrs , often in the dead of night ……….. the only thing ever attacked my dogs down there was a deer , and stray dogs a couple times ……... throw a rock or stick at him , he'll run off ……...
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