Super large vaginas - The In Heat Discoveries

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Nik, May 5, 2017.

  1. Nik

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    It is her first heat and Kahlua's vagina is looking pretty gigantic. Admittedly she has always had quite the sizable vagina but now it is ridiculously super sized. Like American Fast Food Super Sized does anything need to be that large ridiculous. It seems healthy and ordinary aside from the giant swollen size of it.

    Having never seen a dog with a vagina of this size (even with prior dogs in heat) I was tempted to panic a bit. I knew their vagina could swell when in heat and I knew Kahlua started out with a rather large one.... But still... This large??? So I started doing some extra research. And it seems there are plenty of people with healthy in heat dogs that end up with super-sized vaginas during their cycle.

    As a result I have taken to inspecting her vagina several times a day to make sure all is healthy and there are no changes to her mega-vag. Kahlua doesn't really care for all the attention I am paying to her vagina and acts a little put out and offended by the inspections. And then my own cycle started .... and lets just say she now thinks that paying attention to vaginas during our special time is the thing to do.

    What a pair we make.
  2. Boxergirl

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    Okay, please don't hate me for this. I think you mean the vulva ... the vagina is the internal passage that leads to the cervix. The vulva is the external part that we see. Now that I've been an annoying grammar lady - Ella was so incredibly swollen her first heat that it was scary. It was like this great black hole that would suck anything within a two foot radius inside. I had hoped that because she was so very swollen her recessed vulva would correct itself. Unfortunately it didn't and she still has problems. She also had a terrible problem with leaking while the swelling went down. She leaked when she slept and especially when when she stood up. If Kahlua is that swollen then you might expect some leaking until things return more to normal. Also refresh yourself on the symptoms of pyo. It's very rare for a young dog to have any problem, but my daughter did just have a 1 year old that had just finished her first heat present with one at the ER clinic. It was a closed pyo.

    I'm such a downer. I'll make it up to you. Anyone reading, don't watch the video if you don't like vagina talk or some bad words. Here's a morning sing-a-long from Storm Large. Who you should definitely check out if you appreciate a really great voice. Her live version of Queen's Somebody to Love is amazing as is her work with Pink Martini.

  3. Nik

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    Hilarious video! And yes vulva is grammatically correct. But talking about my dog's enormous vagina is a lot more fun. ;-)

    I have been watching her closely though and she doesn't seem to have any pyo symptoms. She is still active, energetic, would eat like a piglet if I allowed her to gorge herself, goes to the potty like normal. All seems good.

    She drips blood every now and then but it isn't like a continuous stream and is pretty manageable.

    Just this weekend she started presenting herself to Diesel when they are out in the yard playing together. He even tried mounting her a couple times which we immediately put a stop to each time. All in all aside from worrying about the size of her vagina it hasn't been that difficult to deal with. Even so I plan on this being the only heat we go through. It is obviously causing Diesel a fair amount of stress and that along with worrying about Pyo or infections is causing me too much stress and since her growth seems to have stagnated I think it should be safe to fix her once the heat has passed. We are planning it for July which should give plenty of time for the heat to cycle through and end I think.

    Right now my main stress is that we have to leave for Germany at the end of this week. I have a work trip and Sean is tagging along since it is a cheap way for him to travel and vacation (we only have to pay for his food and plane ticket since all my own travel expenses are covered through work). I hate the idea of being gone when anything unusual is going on with the pups. Luckily this is a shorter trip.

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