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    That happened to Sophie, she got into some pork that my youngest dropped. Pork makes Sophie's stools bloody. It just does not agree w her. She got really sick. Puking bloody diarreah etc... It happened to be during a hurricane so I couldn't get out to the vet. I knew she was dehydrated and was going to die. So I mixed a capsule of charcoal w water and gave it to her, and I made a picture of electrolyte drink. I gave half the charcoal then an hour later some electrolytes. Then more electrolytes every hour throughout the day. And the AC 3 times a day. I did the charcoal for three days. After day 1 there was a significant reduction in how much she was puking, and no more bloody stool. She got stronger and stronger. After day 3 she was back to herself again...

    I hope Sunny starts feeling better soon.
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    Poor Baby...she's so tiny. She needs Mommy's the best medicine.
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    The doctor said it was not per say pancreatitis as her sugars with her blood work where ok. She said they find this in older dogs that have had too much fat... like chicken wings .... she said it more like the pancreas is angry (inflamed) Sunny has been close with me ... i took her to the office and she ate some more pouched chicken, mushed with chicken broth.... We have her on pepic 1/2 of 10mg pill.... it helps with the inflammation and upset stomach.
    Sunny tried playing a little today a couple times. She tires out quickly still... She enjoyed barking her welcome home to my husband... went for a pat and stole his “spot” on the couch.... after a couple minutes she came back and cuddled up with mommy. So she is on the mend Thank Goodness!
    And thank you all for your support... It helped me stay strong for my wee pup. We go back Tuesday for more blood work-up just to check on those levels
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    Hi everyone, just wanted to clear up something.....the doctor believes it was the chicken wings that caused the pancreas inflammation.....Sunny is so small 6lbs that just a small amount like a teaspoon of that would cause the inflammation.
    The doc said she seen this quite often in older small dogs.

    On the plus side Sunny is becoming her normal self....trying to push my hubby off the bed.... she's even been begging for our food....she's so good at that. Now my husband knows not to give in and feed her anything off her diet.

    I'll try to catch a video of her at play for you.... when we play ball with the bigger dogs Sunny believes it's her part to run after the ball barking to tell the bigger dogs where the ball is..... When our lab mix Ebony was with us, she was blind....Sunny was her seeing eye dog.
    Now we have Bella who just doesn't understand Sunnys game. So now Sunny chases Bella barking so Bella doesn't run over Sunny ....yes it's happened in the past. My Sunny Bunny ( yes she hopes like a bunny when she's excited) is a very smart lil girl.

    Here are a couple of my favourite pictures of Sunny at her best

    IMG_0865.JPG IMG_0409.JPG
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