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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by trg, May 27, 2018.

  1. trg

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  2. trg

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    Georgia grins, if you didn’t know her you would think she was about to eat you up. Full blown snarl look.
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  3. Smokeycat

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    One of Jiggers' nicknames is Smiley. If he's happy he has the goofiest grin on his face. Kryten can smile but he needs to be excited for it to show up.
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  4. Pastor Dave

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    I get the "approach" and some dancing when Mr. Chev is happy (as a clam, although I just can't imagine clams being really happy!!)
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  5. Bailey's Mom

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    Bailey is pretty reserved, except when we say "dog park"...then it is grinning ear to ear. She has a great smile.

    Our old Beagle used to wrinkle his nose up when he was smiling and it would make him sneeze and sneeze, but he kept it up, he had to express his happiness.
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  6. Pastor Dave

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    It is the heartfelt smile, I'm sure. Once, where I finished my ministry license and so on, in Chicago, there was an official "Barber's Convention." They found a wildly hairy and bearded guy in rags living under a bridge, brought him back to the convention, and gave him a haircut, a shave, and a new suit. He looked like a million bucks. He was on a big poster, "Look what barbers can do for you!!" Two weeks later after the convention, a news reporter found the guy again under the bridge, and he looked like when the barber's found him, hairy, in rags, and bearded. Why, one might ask. Well, the change was on the OUTSIDE, not the heart. That is the difference. The "cour" in encourage means heart....I offer this little and true story as a good reason to en"cour"age each other out there. Real change comes on the INSIDE. There's your little sermon for the day.
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  8. Pastor Dave

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    Thanks for the "Amen", April. That was sweet and....well, coming from a "well known member", it means a lot !!!
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