Sleep habits of an old Mastiffs

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by kendrasmom, Aug 6, 2018.

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    I'm writing with a concern about my Kendra and I wonder if anyone can help. Kendra's a 9 and half year old English Mastiff. She has been sleeping a lot lately and has seemed to have less energy (e.g., she doesn't always come to greet us at the door when she's sleeping). Everything else is normal --she's eating well, going potty regularly, just as sassy as ever. Should I be worried and take her early for her yearly check up or is this normal?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  2. Smokeycat

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    I don't have experience with senior Mastiffs but I do have experience with senior (and geriatric) cats and their activity level does go down as they get older. That said if there has been enough of a change that it concerns you I would take her in for a checkup. It may just be the natural progression as she ages but there could be a medical reason why as well. If there is you may be able treat it and return her earlier behavior, if there isn't at least you will know that you are doing all that you can for her.
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  3. Bailey's Mom

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    Bailey is only 5.5 years and she is obviously slowing down. She plays less, sleeps slower to come to the door when I come home unexpected (I've caught her sleeping a few times.) Mine is less clingy now...gone is the Klingon puppy and now there is this mature..."enough of tv and noise, I'm off to the spare bedroom-type dog."
    My heart already grieves this change, and yet, I know, it is natural.... I know our time together is short, that's the bargain we all make the day we take that puppy in our arms.

    Enjoy every day that you have, and enrich her experiences ever chance you get. But, Smokeycat is right...a wellness check up is always a good measure of where she is health wise, and maybe a few vitamins or a change in diet might perk her up. A dog's needs change as they age, they need less food generally, but maybe more specific nutrition.

    Keep us informed....
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  4. Michele

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    My dog just turned 17 years old this past Sunday. I've seen the changes in him for a few years now. He doesn't play that much. He goes for walks but then he sleeps. He still eats good, but the energy level has changed.

    I think with all dogs when they get older, they just slow down.
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    These 3 are my first mastiffs but had rotties my bitch was always energetic til 10 but then went down very quick and her last near 4 years was slower, she eat less which was a good thing being less active, where as my male slowed down a lot from 7 he still had bursts of energy but he would lay back and watch the action more than join in.
    My 3 ccs the eldest being 5.5 are still active gandalf is hyper active hes 4 next month il certainly notice when he slows down.
    Id go on your own feelings you know your own dog better than anyone, if you feel theres something not quite right get a vet check, for your own peace of mind
  6. Pastor Dave

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    Coal, my black lab, is now 10 years old. He has definitely slowed down. I try to park in a place where he doesn't have to jump to get to the ground when we go out for a walk. In his younger days, he loved to chase the Frisbee and so on. Now, he keeps up but barely when we walk....although here in Pennsylvania, it has been very humid this summer and in the mid-80's every day. He is slowing down. I will try to include a picture of him doing the Frisbee trick. grasp 9.jpg
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    I've had old dogs I had to wake up to make sure they weren't dead ……….. old dogs are the best , imo , better than puppies …….
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