Skin dilemma with my poor beautiful 7yo CC

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Therealchrybmb, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. We've been battling food allergies, environmental allergies, oh my gosh, it just seems, EVERYTHING for years now! I briefly recall doing an allergy test when he was around 2yo? Found out chicken was culprit. Who knew Big diet changes. Finally on our way, but then we had to have big move from Chicago to NW Tennessee on emergency for family reasons, to help a sick family member. So more stress and more skin issues :( His beautiful looks went bye bye. Was JUST DISCOVERED he ALSO HAS a low thyroid. So that adds to this between all the vet visits and washing and medicines, he's a mess. I'm literally in cuz I feel like I'm losing the battle. This country Dr is nice as heck, but what are yalls opinion? Is it just severe allergies? Or am I right thinking mange or staph now!!

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  2. marke

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    your dog need a vet , needs antibiotics and something to suppress his immune response until this is cleared up , then it needs solved ….….. jmo
  3. Boxergirl

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    I agree with Marke.

    I don't normally jump to antibiotics, but that open sore that you posted in the other thread needs some help. Has he seen a vet recently? When was his last thyroid panel done? Has there been a medication adjustment? Any detailed info on his treatment, labs, etc. would be great. If you lack confidence in your current vet, find a new one. Even if you have to travel. His hair looks very dry and brittle and his skin looks awful. That can be thyroid related or many other things. He needs a good vet to take a look at him.

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