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  1. MommaofBella

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    HELP!! My rather healthy Mastiff became sick all of a sudden. I left the house yesterday morning leaving her healthy but sad. Only to return to a lethargic unwilling to eat or drink girl. I have never seen her act like this before. I searched the house thinking she may have got into something but nothing was disturbed. I also searched her for sign of a bit or scratch but nothing. I did notice that at some point she got a drink because I always check it when I get home to give her fresh water, and normally when I get home she gets a couple of drinks from barking and running around with excitement. But, yesterday she never barked nor jumped around with excitement, she just lazily walked slow over to see who was home then laid down, not even wagging her tail. After checking her over, I check her heart rate which was in the normal range, breathing which was fast, and temperature which felt a little elevated. I decide to syringe feed her water a couple of times for she seemed dehydrated and this must have help a little because I was able to get her to drink again, a little) and eat ice cubes. However, she is still acting tried and not her self, and she isn't eating still. PLEASE if anyone has ANY ideas let me know. Thanks, Kathy
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    if she's intact and has been in heat in the last couple months get her to a vet , usually if it's pyo they drink a lot , but not always ...... when symptoms of pyo come on the disease has progressed pretty far ..... death is often soon after symptoms .
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    I thought with pyo the abdomen swell (her inst), there is discharge (she has none), vomiting (she hasn't) and frequent urination ( she hasn't been)? I know with this disease there is lethargy, depression and loss of appetite but I have had her eat a bit of eggs, some PB, and a couple bits of her homemade ginger cookies.
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    Has she been checked for Lyme Disease?
  5. marke

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    if she's old enough and intact , it's something you don't want to err on , i've seen many dogs die from it , from symptoms to death can be as short as a day or two ................ the abdomen doesn't need to noticeably swell , i've actually never noticed it , and the nausea isn't much of anything because they don't eat ......... it's why folks need to spay their bitches if they're not going to breed them ..........

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