SC: Puppy Stuck in Car Engine Rescued

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    Puppy Car Engine Rescue: Trapped Dog Saved (VIDEO)

    First Posted: 06- 1-10 11:49 AM | Updated: 06- 1-10 11:51 AM

    A puppy in a car engine? A woman in South Carolina says she made the incredible discovery under the hood of her car while following an ambulance taking her husband to the hospital.

    Darlene Broome says she heard strange noises during her 30-mile trek toward the hospital, finally pulled over and found the puppy, according to local reports.

    She then flagged down a mechanic who helped get the puppy out unharmed. It's unclear how the 8-week-old lab got there in the first place.

    Watch a local report on the puppy car engine rescue from WCNC (NBC) below:


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