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    Maybe half way there....and of course, there is the One who proclaimed, "Though a man die, yet shall he live"....such things as "Today you will be with me in paradise" and the rather bold assertion "If you believe in Me, you will never die." Yes, I guess it is not quite middle aged....seems young to me, my friend. Have a great week. I am ministering at a nursing home tomorrow....encouragement and Father stuff.

    You know, at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, a young man was in one of the heats for the 400 meter dash. When the gun went off, the group practically leaped out of the starting blocks and away they went....except for of the runners fell and skidded across the surface of the track. The boy was really hurt. A man jumped out of the stands, leaped over the fence, shook off the guards, and ran to the fallen runner. The man picked the kid up and they limped to the finish line. There has never been applause and screaming like that day at the Olympics...never before or since. The man was the kids father....with the heart of a father. That says so much, the love and care of a daddy. The One we love said, "As sinful and bad as you are, what parent among you would give your child a scorpion when he asks for a piece of fish....or a rock when the child asks for a piece of bread. How much more will your heavenly Father give you all good things and His Holy those who ask. I ask tonight for you and me, April.
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    Holy Crap! I could only watch 42 seconds of the Pedro video and found myself leaning back in my chair and averting my face - just trying to give Pedro the space he is so desperately looking for.

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