Questions for CC breeders “rare/unexceptable colors”

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    i tried to search past posts and can't really find anything. So here goes...

    I've been looking at a baby that we thought was blue at birth, he is now changing colors at 2 weeks old. Mom is a gorg Blue and Dad a beautiful Formentino. Baby is showing signs of much lighter legs and chest with a dirty back or blanket of grey. We aren't sold on this pup unless his temperament is where we want it but he is the one we have been eyeing so far.

    I am hopping into the CC world from the world of OEMs and I am familiar with the verbiage on the acceptable coloring for this breed but see nothing about a dirty blanket and you don't see many pups with it. I'm very visual so verbiage doesn't always paint the best picture for me. My question is this a color that should be sold on a strict neuter contract? We just want a pet and puppy to love but I'm trying to learn all I can about the breed so that if one day we want to hop into the show ring I know what kind of pup to purchase then.

    I attached a photo of a pup I'm trying to describe not the baby we are looking at.

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    See my reply in your other post.

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