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    Hi everyone,

    I had a question I was hoping for some input about. I have a 8 months old Cane Corso Pup. He has developed acne on his lips and chin. I have been very proactive cleaning his crate, bedding etc. I have removed all plastic water bowls, water dishes, and plastic chew toys he has stainless steel water dishes and food bowls. Recently its seems to have gotten worst. I have started to wash his face daily with an anti-septic, anti-fungal shampoo that is dog friendly. I have done some digging and found some info about Dobermanns an they had good luck using peroxide with a cotton ball and dabbing the effected area. Has anyone heard of this? I have attached a photo of what my little guys lips look like. I have also done some digging on this forum. Granted allot of others have had luck with removing the plastic bowls it hasn’t made a difference with my CC. Is this just normal for a pup his age?

    Thank you all I’m advance

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    That's very normal for his age. I don't like using regular peroxide as it can actually harm the healthy tissue and delay healing. I perfer using a mixture of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and water to clean faces. My girl had very bad acne and it finally cleared up around 18 months of age. I'm guessing when her hormones were starting to level out.
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    I used the ACV and water as well. Kryten would regularly break open and bleed despite everything I tried to prevent it.
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    Chev had some zit looking things on his chin when he was young, under a year old, but they disappeared. Other mastiffs, according to posts here, have had to take an anti-biotic to rid them of these mini-infections. The vet said, "Don't pop them...let them alone; maybe keep them clean with an alcohol wipe. Best to you and yours, RY86. 006.jpg
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