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Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by Brinks, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Brinks

    Brinks Member

    Ok so it's been awhile since I've been back here but as a 5 year member, I have to ask- what's with the number of newer owners asking for money?
    I might be opening a can of super sensitive worms here but I knew when we rescued Brinks he was going to be damn expensive. I'm also a little paranoid (overly paranoid even) about people scamming good, kind people for money on gofundme. Am I the only one noticing this trend on here?
  2. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Brinks. Well, I hear you and I understand your concern, but I want to tell you something that happened a few years ago. My daughter opened a GoFundMe Page after her common-law abandoned her and their two dogs. She had a terrible car accident and she had to end her university studies with a simple BA. She has never been able to go back to school. Of course we rallied around her, but, money only stretches so far and her two dogs needed care and vets and food and we were strapped paying all her other expenses. So, when she asked me to share her GoFundMe with the Forum, I agreed.

    I was truly thankful for all the help we received. And not a penny that was contributed went for anything silly. Just the basics. GoFundMe charges some amount to the account, obviously, so, it has it's downside, but, it remains a useful tool to reach out and solicit help from a large group of people.

    It isn't easy to ask for money. I didn't like coming cap in hand to ask for a favour from my Forum friends. But, and I want to emphasize this, I have been able to help three people who needed help since then, and I'll go on doing it whenever I can.

    I believe in our Forum Family. I believe these people are good and that if they come here to ask for help, then, if I can, I will help them. Recently one of our longest members had a dire health situation with his dog, and he came and asked his Forum Family for help. I chose to donate directly, not through the GFMP. I also provided some information about groups that may help subsidize medical care.

    People come here for many reasons, but mostly, we share help....all kinds of helpful advice and insight. And, yes, at times, a little of the green stuff to make a dog's (and owner's) life better.

    What would cause me some concern? Well, if suddenly a large number of "newbies" showed up asking for donations. That would set off the alarm bells. But, not our regular members, they are great people and have the great good sense to love Mastiffs.
  3. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    I guess I haven't noticed any uptick in the number of donation requests?

    I'm with Bailey's Mom, though... if we've conversed here on the forum, and I know your story and your dogs' - like some of you here - I think of you as family - I'll also do what I can.

    If you're a newbie straight off the street... I'm probably going to scroll right on past.

    I cringe when I hear of people asking for the 'highest quality food I can get really cheap', or worse "I feed X because that's all I can afford"... because that suggests that family was not ready for the responsibility of a known expensive dog. I know Crap Happens (often), and puppies and dogs in need can be irresistible... but there's gotta be a limit... :(
  4. Brinks

    Brinks Member

    Definitely fair assessments I just happen to see 2 posts and remembered a few from a few months back and felt concerned that people would take advantage. Glad to see others are watchful. [emoji846]
  5. BAMCB

    BAMCB Member

    Hey Brinks, I can completely understand your weariness of new members, or any internet stranger, asking for money. And you are also very correct in understanding that rescuing a giant breed can also mean giant bills.
    I also shared a GoFundMe account set up for Chica by a friend in rescue. We are extremely thankful for the donations we received to help get Chica diagnosed. She was a special case, very hard to diagnose, and needed to go to the U of I to figure things out(HW+ after 5 negative tests!!). We paid for everything up until then and her treatment after diagnosis. We are eternally thankful to a fellow rescue friend who started it wanting to help, the gracious donations from complete strangers and the partial grant from the U of I that a good friend who works there requested, which were all a huge surprise! We really felt the community standing behind her(and us) and we will NEVER forget it. Here she is, happy and as healthy and comfortable as we can keep her, almost 2 years later. Truly amazing when my vet didn't think she would even make it past a few months.
    Her medical needs are still great but she returns the favor in loyalty and love. We return the favors by paying it forward as much as possible, to complete strangers as well as friends.

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