Possibly a cyst?

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    Hi everyone!
    My main boy Clyde a 4 year old English mastiff has had a little round black bump on his testicles for a little bit now taken him to a couple vets to get opinion of what it could be. Basically they thought it could be a cyst but unknown to be cancer without a biopsy, today I realized it had ruptured. There’s no bleeding it seems to not be bothering him at all. I’ll put a photo in hopes of someone possibly having been through the same thing. I am making a bet apt but thought I should post here.
    Thank you.

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  2. Pastor Dave

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    My dogs have never had this issue. Perhaps for your peace of mind and the health of Clyde, a biopsy would be in order. Have a great day. My Two Boys.jpg

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  3. Boxergirl

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    That looks pretty deep. Have you been able to get the vet to take a look yet? At this point I would be concerned about infection. In the future, a needle aspiration is a good option for lumps like that. It's as non-invasive as possible and you get a good idea of what you're dealing with without a full blown surgery.
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    Looks like whatever was there in the lump was successfully expelled by the body. Hopefully you got it looked at and packed with a good antibiotic, and it all healed over well.

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