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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by RY86, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Hello everyone, I was hoping to ask other forum members about puppy play. My little Cane Corso is 15 wks old now. We watch over him very close when it comes to things like not getting up on the couch, not jumping up on people, no stairs on his own etc. However there has been two occurrence where our pup has snuck his way up on the sofa. When we tell him “off” and I walk towards him he has jumped off the sofa. From everything I’ve read online about raising a mastiff they say that permanent damage could be done to the puppy at a young age. Both times that I’ve seen him jump down he is fine, no limping no crying...... just Dad(me) running over to him to check him over to make sure he is alright. We also have a 6 yr old Boxer in our home as well. Her name is Karma, I have to give it to Karma she puts up with the puppy constantly being in her face nipping and barking at her. My little Cane Corso Major likes to play rough with Karma. I don’t mind if they lightly play but if things get too intense We are quick to stop them and calm them down. I don’t want to do any long term damage to my little guy at a young age. Am I being to paranoid?? I take him for a 10-15 minute long walk up our street everyday, trying to get him used to sights, sounds, people etc. This is all on Asphalt, I also take him to a park right around the corner from our house and walk him there on the grass. I’ve read allot about mastiff puppies and how frigile they are, I do throw a ball well at the park which he loves to catch and bring back. I just don’t want to do any damage to our little pup. Am I just being an over protective dog owner? Is it ok to let him go up and down “steps” like the entrance to my house? Is it alright to walk him on asphalt? I don’t run with him or allow him to run on asphalt. Grass I would let him chase his ball, but even that he does slowly.

    Any insight or advice would be tremendously appreciated

    Thank you

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    you definitely need to walk/exercise longer then 10-15 min a day. i would try to get a good hour in the a.m. and a hour and a half in the evening. they need lots of exercise from what ive learned. its ok to let him run and to run and play with you would be awesome for both of you.:)
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    The two things I went by for walks were: 1. 5 minutes for each month of age for the duration of each walk and 2. Never walk farther away than you are willing to carry him. Even now when Kryten has decided he's had a long enough walk he will just stop and lie down. It certainly makes people laugh.
    Mastiff puppies are fragile but then so are all puppies when they are rapidly growing. It just is a longer period of time for the bigger dogs. Controlled steps are important for them to learn I think. My guy was doing the front and deck steps when I got him at 11 weeks. I just made sure he took them slowly.
    As for 2 dogs playing I just monitored and if things were getting rough or too boisterous then I would start a training session to calm things down. My older dog is a perpetual puppy and to be honest he was/is usually the problem
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    1 hour walk in the morning and 1.5 hour walk in the evening??? Are you kidding??? Wow. Our dog has NEVER has needed that much exercise.
    If you're suggesting this is PLAY time not formal walks... sure... but let the puppy be your guide.

    If you have a place where they can be off-leash, you'll know when they've had enough - the puppy will just lay down and take a breather... hopefully you can entice them for a short walk home, but the saying "never walk a mastiff further than you can carry them home" is a mastiff saying for a reason! :)

    A four month old puppy should not be subjected to an hour of constant walking on pavement, either. At that age, you want plenty of free-form movement, not repetitive stress. The 10-15 minutes on asphalt is fine, followed by some free-form play on grass is great. Sounds all good, to me! A few steps here and there are good for learning how to manage them and get the muscles built, too - just encourage the puppy to take them slowly and not 'launch' himself off the the bottom few. Find all sorts of different surfaces to introduce your puppy to - if there's a kids big toy in the park with a hanging walkway, that's a great thing to have your puppy learn how to navigate. The more different surfaces the better... asphalt, gravel, grass, dirt, sand, wood, etc.

    Also, the playing with the boxer should be fine, too... as you're doing it now, step in when they get too excited our rambunctious. It's your house, they get to play by your rules!
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    I wasnt kidding. id get up and take him out for an hour before id leave for work he goes to the bathroom and walks around plays etc. in the evening same thing but we have more time to walk, socialize, play or chill but hes outside . he seemed to like the routine and still does and has no issues.
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    Puppies have a lot of energy and it’s important to let them play and exercise. I was careful with my dogs when they were puppies because I was nervous about joint damage. We have a big yard so they run and play in the yard. Always keep a close eye on them in general, but especially when they are playing with another dog. If my pup started getting too out of hand I would say, “easy” and slow them down. Walking a puppy on asphalt is fine, just don’t go crazy. 10-15 minutes should suffice. I wouldn’t let them jump off the couch, but if they do it once...don’t panic. As long as they don’t cry or limp they are ok. Adequate rest is equally important. I also rubbed my dog’s joint area while they were growing. I just remember when I was a kid, I had horrible “growing pains” and my mom would rub my legs and it felt better! Not sure if dogs experience that or not, but it couldn’t hurt, right? (P.S. I am a crazy dog mom lol)
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    Wow I guess I never really gave it that much thought (timing walks and such). This is my first Mastiff but not my first large dog but I've just gone by what he tells me in terms of what he can handle and I don't go for really long walks and limit jumping and rough play. Capone is now going on 7 months and is doing great but I am still careful. I'm lucky to be able to work from home so his play is spread out throughout the day which also makes it easier. I have noticed his energy level increasing as he grows so I might need to be a little more cautious to get his energy out without overdoing it.

    Snow days with his sister seems to now be his favorite activity although 15 minutes of that and now he's passed out snoring at my feet :)

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