Opinion on the “sloppy sit” or Lazy sit

Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by Dstack, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Dstack

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    We had a friend visit today and commented on Daisy sitting with her back legs leaned towards one side. She suggested that we could have a pup (Daisy) with hip issues in her early adult years. We’ve had large dogs my entire life-some with a “proper” sit and others after The puppy stage continued to sit with hinds on one side. Never had a hip issue until old age. This is our 1st Mastiff and curious if this is something anyone can comment. I’m not too concerned at the moment- she’s only 5 months. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bailey's Mom

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    I've been around dogs both purebred and mutts all my life, and they sit at attention and also in comfortable mode, depending on the situation. I don't see hip issues. I see a dog who is comfortable in their own skin. Now all you have to do is relax and be comfortable in yours. Sit down, cross your legs, lean back....ah, relaxation!
  3. Smokeycat

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    My EM has never sat 'properly', even as a puppy, unless it is a temporary sit for a treat and he is going to get up right away. He always sits on a hip. His hips are great. He does have congenital elbow issues for which he has had surgery and i did ask his surgeon about his way of sitting because I had heard the same thing. Her response was some dogs just sit like that. It's no different than how someone may sit up right while someone else lounges in the same chair.
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  4. Dstack

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    Thanks so much for the responses! Daisy is definitely a sloppy sitter at the moment. No issues with her play or walk. Haven’t had a puppy in 13 years-and never a Mastiff-like having a baby all over again. Worry about every sniffle.
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    she'll be fine, they are clumsy when they are puppies, you are definitely a new puppy mama again! I envy you and then again I don't. a Puppy is fun but a lot of work. have fun!
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  6. Boxergirl

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    I don't worry about a sloppy sit. As long as you don't see any other indications of problems I wouldn't worry about it.
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