Newborn puppy help?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by RxGoforth, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. RxGoforth

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    The female is going to a friend/coworker that lives less than 10 miles away. My moms friend is in OKC so I should at least get pics and updates regularly. Also my best friend is relocating here soon and stayed the week with us and is falling in love with them. He may end up with one. That would be cool for everyone to stay close.
  2. RxGoforth

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    Two weeks old last Tuesday. All eyes are open today. Gus and Gatorbseem to see better than the rest. Those 2 also are getting around VERY well. Auggies umbilical infection is pretty much healed. Trooper is still very small, but gaining. They see well enough that they are starting to play with each other a little and now when I pick them up they don't try to nurse my face they actually lick. Aww puppy kisses. Will start getting pic post crazy soon. They are still a tad bit hard to photograph successfully.
  3. raechiemay

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    How are the babies?? Been thinking about you guys. Hope all is well.
  4. TN Dogues

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    We just went through this ourselves. First time litter for mom. After a c-section (due to stuck puppy), mom was really drugged up. She refused to nurse at first. We had to lay her down, hold her head and place the 6 pups one by one on each nipple.

    After they fed, we cleaned each pup and made them potty. Then they went into a plastic box lined with a towel. UNDER the box was a heating pad. Another towel loosely draped over the top prevented drafts.

    So, every two or three hours we did FEEDING, then CLEANING, then WARMING BOX. I got a two hour nap and it would start again. The mother dog was also able to get a break from pups.

    As for the squishings we have learned to our sorrow what not to do. The whelping box must have a removeable railing for the pups to crawl under. The railing must be removed as soon as the pups are walking (about 3 weeks). Second, nursing time must be monitored for a new mommy, or one that had c-section as they aren't aware of what they are doing. Third, the whelping box itself needs to be tall enough so momma can't jump in or out and squish a pup.

    Hope the rest of your litter do well & thrive!

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