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  1. Hello! Our family is expecting our newest member (CC) in 9 weeks! We are over the moon with excitement and the waiting is hard!! As I am putting together a list of everything we'll need, I would like to ask you all what your top recommendations are for the new pup. I've gotten a list of supplies put together, gotten a trainer lined up, scheduled puppy classes, pet insurance. I feel like the list could be endless so please let me know what you wish you'd had when you brought your fur baby home. Thank you guys in advance!
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    LOL, don't throw your empty water bottles away, it's a favorite toy.. I wish I had a cork ! Way too many soiled crates..
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    Congratulations on your new fur baby. Here are some of the things I recommend.

    firstly don’t buy food for you puppy in bulk we made this error and ended up wasting so much money as our boy didn’t get on with it and we ended up having to buy a different type. I think buying a little bit of a few different brands and seeing what works best for your pup is best and then you can bulk buy.

    Get a crate. I was so against crates as growing up we never used them for our dogs and we have a spare bedroom we planned on using for our CC however he hated being alone from us at night and it really distressed him. He now sleeps in our bedroom in his crate like a dream and he loves his crate. He’ll take himself off into his crate during the day when he wants a peaceful nap without me smothering him with love haha.

    Don’t waste money on expensive collars they only last two seconds as your pup will grow quickly.

    we have a shock absorbing lead for our pup which we got off of Amazon and I can’t recommend it enough, our boy is only 4 months old so he’s still learning his lead walking manners and sometimes whilst out walking he gets the zoomies, this lead has saved me a lot of shoulder pain as the middle of it is like a bungee rope. Also recommend a harness for walking.

    This one you might not need depending on your pup. We brought our boy a height adjustable bowl set/stand so it can grow with him so he doesn’t have to bend far for his food, we are hoping he will use it when he’s a bit bigger as we had to move him over to a slow feeding bowl as he eats so damn fast. Fingers crossed he gets better with time.

    Toys. Toys & more Toys! Our boy has a dragon teddy made by the company Kong which is his most prized toy of all. We also have a rabbit skin tug toy for a company called Tug-e-nuff which he loves when we get it out for him to play. Kongs in general are great for keeping his brain occupied, I give my pup one when I am working so he gets to play without me having to step away from my laptop.

    stock up on lots of bite size treats. They are your best weapon when it comes to training of any kind. Especially toilet training. Our boy also loves cheese and dog peanut butter, they are what we use as his high value treats.

    We do spoil him a little bit as he is basically our child so he does have an orthopaedic dog bed too as I am aware CC can have hip issues so we chose to get him a more expensive bed that might help avoid us causing him any issue.

    Another item we have that I love but isn’t really something you need is joint supplements. We give our boy Bouncy bones. Again because they are prone to hip issues we are just being extra cautious.

    Most importantly enjoy him/her!

    hope this helps :) if I think of anything else I’ll come back and post it
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