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    Hey breeders,

    I am looking at two litters. Puppy will be an indoor family dog. Looking to do bite work with him like in the past but I’m not too big of a fan of the boxer type of look on the cane corso’s.

    puppy A)
    Boxer type look , Small mother and sire is average sized with very large head. Almost looks like an American bully? Drivey pup.

    puppy B)
    very reputable veterinarian whom is doing the breeding, puppy is 4000$ with airfare vs 2850$ for puppy A. Which is a downer. However he has the larger bone structure and timid but confident demeanour most cane corso’s have.

    can you please chime in and help me determine which dog you would go with, my family dynamic is as follows: 9 year old intact retriever , puppy will also be a male. Do a lot of bite work and sch work.

    here are some picture comparisons below

    first two are the puppy A’s sire( 8 weeks old)
    Bottom two are puppy b’s sire ( he’s 2 weeks)

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  2. Loverboy Skyline

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    Personally, I'd probably go with B as long as timid but confident doesn't mean he's scared of noises. In my experience it's tough to determine if drive as a puppy means they have a lot of drive for protection or just means they will be a menace in the house and not necessarily do protection work. The parents and grandparents are a better indicator. My AB was very laid back as a puppy. Foundation work was easy. Just play with him as much as possible. He had great drive for protection work and even caught wild hogs, and he was still lazy at home. Great combination. My BM is different. He was lots of trouble in the house, always wanted to play, and my wife hated him at first. Now I'm focused on settling him down and it's working. My wife loves him now, but when I try to play with him he's more lethargic than when I first had him. I realize it's still early because he's 5 months old, but right now I'm thinking Therapy Dog.
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    Why did I think you'd chosen a Boerboel, lol? Old brain. Okay. I think that the choice involves more than just temperament and looks of the pup. I think that knowing more about the breeder and their previous lines, what health testing has been done, etc. is super important. I lean toward the second pup and breeder. I like the look of the dog better as well as what I can find about the breeder. I can't find anything about the first dog and the breeder. As for the temperament question, I agree that I would likely go with pup #2 for your situation. Are these pups the breeder has suggested to you for your situation, or have you chosen yourself?

    (I'm not a breeder. I have evaluated and placed many dogs through rescue and fostered many temperaments. I'm not sure any of our breeders are active these days.)
  5. Helen8kids

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    Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice
    I have been looking to import a cane corso for many years
    I have finally found a breeder
    Do you normally have to pay for the puppy before you get her/him
    Just heard of so many scams
  6. kingmark

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    Hello. I two times payed upfront ,once half of the money the other time a little less than half ,so it is normal to do like that. Yes there are many scams and bad evil people so the best thing is that you found some reputable breeder who stands behind his work and name and go from there. From where your new puupy comes?
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  7. Helen8kids

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    Thank you from Montenegro
    They want deposit and transporter cost up front
    Just a worry
  8. kingmark

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    I dont how it goes for shiping and what it costs ,but deposit is normal that is how it goes. What is the name of breeder and kennel? I could look it up as we are neighbours.
  9. Helen8kids

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    Thank you inboxed you

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