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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kyle S, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Too cute! That black face!
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  2. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Yes he is!! I can’t believe how big he is already. I was worried he was growing too fast but seems like compared to other English Mastiffs he’s doing good. He’s now eating 3500-4000 calories a day depending how much food he finishes.

    He gets in 2000mg of glucosamine a day and 900mg of Chondroitin per day.

    Thank you!! I hope you love the updates as much as I love sharing him with you.

    I love his black face as well!! He looks so cute and tough at the same time.
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  3. SEL18

    SEL18 New Member


    He is gorgeous and such a big boy!
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  4. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    thank you!!

    Yes he is quite a big ham!
  5. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Update on Bayne for everyone;

    Bayne turned 4 months old today!! Wooo!

    He weighs 86lbs and stands 24 inches at the shoulder.
    He gains over a pound a day.
    He’s very smart if I could post a video I would. He is good with Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Go. All basic control commands although without a treat he doesn’t always listen hahaha.
    He loves people so much. Loves to be petted. Although people are becoming more scared of him as he is getting bigger.
    Pretty much always gets his 4000cal in per day now.
    Playtime around the yard and short walks to build his little muscles. Otherwise he just sleeps all day everyday.
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  6. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Here’s some photos of Bayne :)

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  7. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Oh and he got a new Vitamin so now he gets in 2000mg of glucosamine a day and 1300mg of Chondroitin per day!
    Healthy Joints = Happy puppy.
  8. Dstack

    Dstack Member

    Cutie Cutie!! Getting so big. Love the pics!!
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  9. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Thank you!!

    he’s very big for 4 month old pup! I wonder how big this little guy is going to get.
    He makes me wonder if he’s going to be one of those XL ones that are 300lbs!
    I look at those weight charts and it says a male mastiff is around 60 lbs at 4 months yet my guy is about 90!!
    hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy sharing him :)
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  10. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Do you guys think he’s okay in size? Any idea why he’s so big?
    this is my first Mastiff although I’ve been researching this breed for probably 5 years or more. I weighted him today, he’s already 90lbs. He just turned 4 months old. He looks pretty lean too when he walks around you can see his stomach suck in and he’s lean all around the ribs.
  11. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    I wouldn‘t worry about it. He looks really great and healthy in the pictures. They grow at varying rates. Some go through most of the growth in the first couple of years, while others grow over longer periods (in weight). Regardless, he is probably going to be big (based on current size, his parents, and bone structure). As long as he‘s getting proper/appropriate food, I wouldn‘t worry about him growing too fast. It‘s all genetically predetermined anyway. I personally don‘t think he‘s going to be 300lbs, which I think is a good thing. Lean is good. You guys are doing a good job. Keep the pictures coming.
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  12. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Thank you!! I think he looks good as well but I’m only one person. Many people can’t believe how heavy he is at his age. Even this one other Mastiff owner I ran into.
    I do tent to see on here some grow slow some grow fast but all seem to end up around the same goal. Some are smaller than others though.
    He definitely comes from BIG lines. His arm bones are thicker than mine. His elbow , thicker than mine. It’s crazy. I believe they said their average male is 235-265 and they’ve had ones top 300.
    I know his dad is a lean 240 and standing (I think) 34 inches tall.

    thank you for your input though it’s nice to get someone’s opinion on him. He eats nice and slow throughout the day. Just nibble on his food. He’s not a big eater for one sitting.
    Yesterday he did have a new “day best” he ate all his food by 4:30 so I gave him some more. Ended up totalling around 4500Cal for the day. But usually he eats “only” 4100cal.

    I’ll make sure to take more photos! Seems like you guys love the photos, and I love sharing him!
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  13. Kyle S

    Kyle S New Member

    Here’s a photo of Bayne I took yesterday. He actually sat nice for a photo haha. He’s usually stuck to me like velcro.

    He’s 4 months , 19 weeks to be specific. Weight around 100lbs now. 25 inches at the shoulder.

    He has some days he likes to eat more. He’s a very slow eater. Starts around 5am when he gets up and will finish around bedtime at 10pm. Average feeding is 4100cal but he’s gone up to 4900cal but those are far and few.

    He’s pretty energetic. If I take him outside he will play lots. He loves playing fetch in the house with his squeaker ball. He only has to run 20 feet maybe across the living room into the kitchen so I don’t mind doing that a bit.

    He has an incredibly deep WOOF to him though. And oh boy the drool and slobber. Consistently wiping his mouth and my pants!

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  14. Dstack

    Dstack Member

    Oh my gosh. Bayne with that face. He’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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  15. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    What a gorgeous boy!

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