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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Patrick Michaud, Oct 6, 2017.

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    New here looking for a well bred Cane Corso. Not a show dog but I would like a family pet that could also be trained for search and rescue and possibly some bite work.
    About me: I am a 30 y/o Police Officer in Newport Rhode Island. I live in a house with my girlfriend, 5 y/o Doberman and a house cat. I am very experience with dog training this being my third experience raising puppies and my doberman(who is well trained and 100% trust worthy on and off leash)
    We have researched many breeds and decided a Cane Corso is the ideal match for our family and needs.
    The issue we have found is locating a breeder in the north east. Searching the internet has led me to A) sketchy web pages B) emails and phone calls with no reply's and C) web pages that haven't been updated in over a year.
    Am I looking in the wrong places? If anyone has any information on a solid breeder in the north east please let me know. Thanks
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    Welcome to the group! Hopefully someone has some info for you about your area. :)

    Other than direct recommendations you can also try to find some local trainers who specialize in the work you are planning to do and see if they are aware of any local area breeders. You might also try dog shows.
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    Okay one thing that needs to be understood, there is no difference between how a show dog is raised and how a pet is raised, they are in the same litter, treated the same, parents should have the same health screens as those that you hope turn into show dogs. All litters have pets and hopefully one or two show prospects.

    There are several breeders that I have worked with on the eastern side of the US that might be able to help you out if they have nothing that would be suitable. I am Canadian so please bear with me as trying to remember which states are where I can mess it up.

    PrideNJoyz Cane Corso - PA
    Windy Pines Cane Corso - WY (I know a little farther than you are likely looking at but love her dogs)
    Ivy League Cane Corso - MD
    Hierarchy Kennels - GA

    I have used Studs in the past from Firehorse Cane Corso (PA) without any issue but not sure they are actively breeding anymore. My foundation stock is from Italica Cane Corso (NY) and I have personally met and spent time at Rivale Cane Corso (NY) with the intent to use their studs. Carlos from Rivale doesn't have FB or email to the best of my knowledge and relies heavily on those that spend the time to come and see him as he often has more than enough people searching him out that he doesn't have to advertise. Most would consider him the working line kennel but he does have a close friend on FB that you can view the workability of the dogs with, his name is Tai Nero and I believe they are or have just started a new working club.

    If I can help in any other way let me know.
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    Peretti Cane Corso in Massachusetts is a very reputable breeder. He’s very professional and only allows his dogs to the best homes. He is an all around nice guy. He has sold dogs to NHL players, a Patriots player, and politicians. People from all over the country go to him. It sure how much you are looking to spend, but he’s not cheap. He also offers a 3 year health guarantee (does not include injuries). The dogs are not bred for size or color, like some breeders do. He does it the right way. The link below will take to to his site. Good luck and be sure to post pics of your new addition once you find him/her!

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