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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by umit, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. umit

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    We adopted a 8 week girl.
    I read hip elbow problems about cc's.
    Our trainer said not to worry.
    Any comments?
    Many owners wrote they just go with fish oil not joint helpers.
    And when to start fish oil etc?
  2. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    Adopted as in from a shelter, or purchases as in from a breeder? As with most large breeds hips/elbows can be a problem so parents should be tested before they are bred to know how they fare. You can give glucosamine w/ chondrotin and MSM and Ester C to help with joint issues but it is uncertain if it really affects much.

    Do you suspect there might be issues? Or just reading that it could be a problem?
  3. umit

    umit Member

    Hi again
    That was the 4th sister ,others were given by owner and she was left in our trainers farm.
    We saw her as we went for a visit.
    I feed Orijen puppy and it has some glucosamin in it.
    I used glucosamine myself and it really helped my joints:) Hope it helps all dogs!!!!too.
    She seems healthy so i just read about issues.
  4. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    imo , as far as elbows , genetics , proper food and growth rate is about the extent of your control ...... as for hips , walk that puppy and walk him a lot ...... a 3-4 month old puppy , at least mine , have no problem walking 2-3 miles at their pace ........ i'm sure pups that are allowed free range in a large yard end up on average with better hips than restricted pups , pups with free range and littermates i think is the best way to raise them , they need their strength to keep up with their growth , and their growth is fast , it takes constant proper exercise with the proper amount of rest , you should never push a pup physically ....... not a lot of folks have the ability to give a pup free range 24/7 , so keep the pup on their legs , moving as much as you can and they want ....... it's pretty much been proven that pups with greater muscle mass in their rears on average have better hips ....... pups shouldn't be encouraged to run hard , cut , and jump , there is no way to stop it , but don't encourage it ........ a pup that moves well can trot without a problem , a proper trot is not excessive impact , walking up hills is not excessive impact , i believe it is less impact than walking on flat ground and better exercise .......... walking downhill is a bit more impact on the front but slow down hill should mitigate that ........ exercising dogs and pups , especially pups is a skill ....... most folks either do to little , to much , or inappropriate types .......... imo it would be hard to overdo appropriate types of exercise with a pup , much easier to do too little ............
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  5. umit

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    We have parks very close and she plays vith our retriever a lot.
    I will keep a good diet i hope.
    But she swalloved a small rib bone now hope she digests:)!!
  6. umit

    umit Member

    Little monster had no issue with the bone;)

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