New CC owner when my girl get fixed

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Blueberry_5555, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Blueberry_5555

    Blueberry_5555 New Member

    Hi everyone I'm proud new CC owner she is a 12 weeks what a good time to fix her ? Should be fully grown as large breed in year or 2 then get fixed ..?
  2. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    As long as you feel confident that you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy, 18 to 24 months is typically what you want to wait before spaying.
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  3. Porcheesy

    Porcheesy Member

    If you wait until after second heat the chances of mammary cancer sky rocket.... I say between first and second heat!!
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  4. Blueberry_5555

    Blueberry_5555 New Member

    All right thanks everyone for feedback I will try to wait longer as I can it is better also have Male boxer at home he is fixed ..also my vet says the more you wait there is a chance to get cancer they says that to my Male too hopefully everything goes good thanks again .
  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    18-24 months is usually what's recommended. In my case, Ella had her first heat at 9 months and then cycled every 5 months. That was much too young to have her spayed, imo. For me, waiting was the best choice for a variety of reasons.

    This article has some statistical charts that you might find interesting.
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  6. Blueberry_5555

    Blueberry_5555 New Member

    Thanks a lot for all this info . Is that an english mastiff ? What a big handsome boy luv all mastiff magiestic dogs do you also have a boxer too ? This my third boxer I own .
  7. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I've had boxers all of my adult life. My daughter moved home recently with her boy, Otis. She's training him to be a diabetic alert dog and psychiatric service dog. His Facebook page is Otis in Training, if you're interested. Three boxers have passed (Greta, Ed, Leo) and I have two right now (Al and Roy) in addition to Ella, my English Mastiff. So three boxers and an EM in the house. Also many, many foster boxers. I will never be without one. With three boxers, I have a house full of springy joy. Ella is the serious one.
  8. Blueberry_5555

    Blueberry_5555 New Member

    Wow what a busy mom you are Haha we always have 1 dog at a time but I really like CC just from reading and hearing from owners how loyal and Noble guarding family dogs also I would luv to have companion for my boxer his name is diesel he have a lot of energy you know that lol I think we found perfect match for him she is a sweet girl I was going for her bigger brother he is gonna be a big boy but man me and family fall in love with female and her personality so she end up going home with us forever hopefully she will get bigger and looks like corso is a dream of mine I will keep everyone update with pics as she grow up ,

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