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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Pastor Dave, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Pastor Dave

    Pastor Dave Well-Known Member

    I have noticed a great deal of variety with our dogs' names, which, of course, they know. My Coal can even spell. When I try to let me wife know what I am about to do with the dogs and keep it from them so I can finish my coffee, Coal perks right up and gives me that look (yeah, I know--like I owe him money). Anyway, how about some translations or explanations for yours truly ??

    Coal ---- name of a jet black dog, my wife's idea
    Chev or Mr. Cheevers --- named after some rapper, not my idea
    Bumbib---a very rare kind of bumblebee attracted to baby's bibs and ....ah.....other places.

    (please forgive me if I did not include your dog's name--these are what I came up with today)
  2. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    That‘s a great overview, Pastor Dave!
    Bane is named after the charactor from the Batman movies. Only a handful of people so far have been able to come up with that connection themselves. When we tell them, we mostly get an "ah ok".
    A few months ago, our vet was on vacation and one of her male colleagues came in. He said, "Bane?? That‘s a really strange name for a dog!"
    Bane immediately barked at him. He had never barked at any person before.
  3. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I thought of the batman movie when I read his name, but didn't know that's where you got it. I think it's very cool! And it suits him...
    Lol that he barked at the guy! It's Bane and don't you forget it! (Bane w Mr.T voice)...

    Sophie means wisdom, and I thought it sounds feminine and cute for a small girl dog.

    Logan is the name we chose cause no one could decide. I liked Tesla, as in Nicola Tesla. but hubby said No. My girls wanted an Asian name like Hiro.. again hubby said no. I also liked Titus. No from hubby again. So when I said Max or Logan. He said yes to Logan. Got that name from Wolverine :)
  4. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Pastor Dave do you pronounce Chev w a short e or long e?

    Cause I was thinking short like Chevy truck.
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  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    We were trying to keep with our Harry Potter theme and Ella was supposed to be Tonks. It just didn't fit her at all. Then we considered Molly (Weasley), but that didn't work either. Ella just fit and I have no idea why. It means beautiful fairy. While she's most certainly beautiful, she is not at all fairy-like. She also goes by Elsie, LaLa, Elsa, and Bella.

    For the non-mastiff boy dogs ...
    Al is from Harry Potter. His full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledog. AKA Bob, Allie-bob, and Prince Ali (fabulous he... lol).

    Roy is really Oliver. It just fit him and we could say that he was named after the Quidditch captain, Oliver Wood. My husband wanted to name him Roy. I refused. My husband ONLY called him Roy. Oddly enough, it really does fit him and over time we all started calling him Roy. So he's Roy. And Toot. And Toot-Roy. And Toots-boots. And OliRoy, and on and on.
  6. Pastor Dave

    Pastor Dave Well-Known Member

    Toots-boots. Now, that's a name to remember. Yes, April, Chev is pronounced like the car brand. Thanks for asking. My wife is into Harry Potter. I know little about it. The word "Dumbledog" reminds me of some kind of very rare bumblebee I have heard of on this site !! I can tell that Bane is exceptionally intelligent !!
  7. Jarena

    Jarena Well-Known Member

    When we met Lettie when she was 6 weeks old I started trying to name her. We were on the drive back (3 hours) and I was spouting off a thousand names to Matt. He didn’t like any of them so I was getting flustered, I finally said “ok, you don’t like any of mine, you come up with one”! He said “what about Lettie”? I wanted a unique name, I had never heard of “Lettie” before so I was surprised. I said I actually liked that name and where did it come from? He told me it was from “The Fast and the Furious” movies. I’ve never really been into those movies but I still liked the name. It came down to the night before were going to pick up Lettie and we were stuck between 3 names: Moxie (my favorite), Lilo, and Lettie. So we wrote them all down and drew out a name, Lettie it was! So I jokingly tell people it’s short for “Lettuce”:p.
  8. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    What is it w the guys being so particular about naming the dogs? I'm telling you, it was easier to name all 6 of our kids! Lol..
    I do think Lettie is a unique name and suits her perfectly.
    Short for lettuce!*** haha*** haha** love it!
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  9. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I don't like using either human names or common names for my pets. Odd or unique names to me are more fun.
    Kryten is a character on a British sci-fi comedy and it seemed like it was a name that would suit a very big dog.
    Jiggers was sold under the designer breed name Golden Irish which to me sounds more like a type of ale than a dog breed. Sticking with the alcohol theme a jigger is a tool used to measure hard liquor.
  10. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    We had Cerberus (our standard poodle since passed). I got Cerberus when I lived in a scary neighborhood and he was suppose to be my protector as well as my companion. Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards Hades from mythology. Cerberus ended up being the biggest sweetest most gentle dog in the world. There was zero guard dog in him but he was such a love. We always called him Cerbie or Cerb.

    There were long arguments about Diesel's name before we finally settled on Diesel. Diesel was one of Sean's suggestions. Like a big Diesel truck. He has a lot of nick names. We call him bug. D. Baby. Bug Bug. Bud. Bubba. Handsome.

    Kahlua is named for the coffee liquor. It fit her so perfect with her coloring and was the easiest to name. She goes by many nicknames as well. K, Lu, LuLu, LuaBelle, Bunny, Bun Bun, Princess, Cutie, LaLa.

    My cat BrrBeary (officially Mr. BrrBeary Remington) I named. He is sort of a play on the brand Burberry. Usually his name gets shortened to Brr or BrrBear.
  11. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    I dont know why but we seem to pick stupid names.
    Beauford male rottie

    Shauna female rottie
    Ice english bull terrier
    Bucduss cc
    Gandalf cc
    Gollom cc
    I like unusual names so hopefully when i shout my boys i dont get 10 other dogs bounding towards me lol
  12. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I like their names! Especially Budcuss it's cool
  13. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm partial to Gandalf and Gollum. Of course, I'm also a big time LOTR nerd.
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  14. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    I love lord of the rings, i look at the boys and say my precious just like gollom, it makes the boys wiggle like crazey lol
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  15. Jarena

    Jarena Well-Known Member

    I’m not that into LOTR, not that I don’t like them, just didn’t ever read them. But I also do the “my precious” Gollum talk to Lettie lol. I think it freaks my boyfriend out more than it gets any reaction from Lettie. I’ve been saying it to her since the day we brought her home so she doesn’t care at all. :p
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  16. Pastor Dave

    Pastor Dave Well-Known Member

    Here, Lettuce...come Lettuce !! Get over here, Lettuce !!
  17. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    There are so many great and so many bad names. The decision isn‘t easy at all. We had identified the following ones before making a decision:

    - Bane (Batman charakter)
    - Specter (Harvey Specter - Suits)
    - Raiden (Mortal Kombat charakter)
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  18. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    I like each of those names. All three are very cool. I like Bane the best. It suits him.
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  19. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    We go to favorite books for our names...

    Our first dog & cat were named after the first vampire and queen of the dammed from Anne Rice's books (the cat occasionally lived up to her namesake's reputation, too).

    The rest have been from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.
    The Wizard, The Border Guard (and faithful companion) and now, Denna, one of the Magical Protectors of the Hero of the stories.
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  20. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! I had no idea that's how you chose Denna's name. (Book nerd here...)
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