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Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by Dstack, Aug 31, 2020.

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    Happy Monday!
    More pics. Boerboel is obsessed with sticks. The bigger the better!Loves playing fetch and also loves when we try and “ catch her” and her stick. Grabbing a stick during training is almost as good as a food treat. The hose or water sprinkler is another obsession. Can’t get her to swim yet. Very hesitant to jump in the ocean or a pool. Maybe in time. She’s starting to fill out a bit losing the lanky look- slowly but surely. Still a lot of skin to grow into. Oh geesh! Kids think we bought a Moose. Hope everyone is well.

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  2. She is gorgeous!!!
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    Looking mighty good dstack, sounds like good life.. I wanted a nother Boerboel but its rarity and cost led me down another path.. The 2 we had were the best in farm dogs.. Could trust them with any livestock..
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    Oh my gosh, she's gotten so big! She looks great and she's clearly a happy girl. I'm really enjoying watching her grow.

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